Sunday, September 27, 2009

eBay's On SALE! Did you know?

Did you know that eBay is in the middle of a sale on Auction listings?  Well, neither did I and that's another blog post (eBay's struggles to communicate with their sellers!). But thanks to an alert friend who passed on the information, I now know that ebay is running a 33% off sale on ALL auction listings - doesn't matter the starting price, or the category!

So if you have some items you were planning on listing at auction instead of Store, or Fixed Price, well, NOW is the time!  The sale was announced on the eBay General Announcement page and runs through October 11, 2009. You can visit THIS PAGE for all the details, exclusions, etc.

Janelle Elms, of OSI RockStars, is a great source to stay up-to-date with eBay announcements on her twitter account. the announcement was posted at 12 PM PST and you can see that Janelle had it out there right away! 

2:55pm, Sep 25 

Now trust me, I could turn this into another post about managing your twitter account - cause I PROMISE you, Janelle is way too busy to sit by the computer and post each and every ebay announcement as they come out. But, just join Rock Stars and you can take the class about putting twitter on automatic pilot too, LOL

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Jimmy and Shell said...

Hi Kat! I can not tell you how many times I have come here to read & comment on this post, only to get distracted by the links on here!
Well, I finally made it, as you can see. Thank you for the info...guess I'd better be getting my swung vase up soon, huh? I've narrowed it down to LE Smith or Viking; what do you all think?