Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Women's Equality Day -2013 - 2 days Late

So I'm a baby boomer, my hearing is going, my eyes were never great and I'm 65. (sob,whine moan) BUT, I'm part of MY personal GREATEST Generation.  Because??

Because honey, (dripping southern syrup inflection there) we, the women alive today and our mothers and grandmothers, have come so far. 

Just read this...and next year someone remind me on the 25th to post the next chapter of this topic

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Do you remember????

Wow ... I was cleaning up some user names that I no longer use. Check out an old about me page I had. Are you in there?
Who Is This Lady???????????
And What's with the Cane???????????
Once upon a time in eBay land there lived a BIG BEAR. This was no ordinary bear. This bear was old and mean and crabby. The bear had just turned 50 and was going through a life crisis. When Big Bear found eBay she began buying and buying and buying. Soon Big Bear had to start selling and selling and selling to support her habit.
All seemed fine. Big Bear had found the eBay cafe and had made new friends. But eBay was getting bigger and bigger. Sales were getting harder and harder. So Big Bear had to join another company to keep a roof over her head and food on the table.
The other company was great but Big Bear missed the fun of auctions. You can only watch so many movies and they become matter what the genre.
Big Bear's first grandchild was with a little thought Samican was born. Now Big Bear could go back to having fun. But the eBay cafe was growing larger and larger. Rarely could you find a lady cop in there. Bee's no longer swarmed around. It lost one lawyer and gained another. There was still a Barn to park the Chevy in. But you had to watch out for Rocky areas and Dogs...wounded ones and cafe ones.
Sometimes you could hear guitar playing or cars racing. The King had gotten a new name. Even the cafe Artist had a few names. Up in Canada quilts were being made. The cafe still had a cottage. And cooking was the latest thing (guess they didn't know Big Bear's idea of cooking was the yellow pages for carry out).
Fortunately, for the cafe, you could no longer read National Geographic magazines and pyramid scams were out. But for everyone out a new one would appear.
So...Samican decided to get an alias just for chatting. Sounded like a good idea. After all, most questions answered by someone with a zero were ignored....enter youtalkmelisten.
Ahhh, Life Is Good....that is until eBay decided that in order to chat in more than 10 sentences you needed a feedback of 10. Funny ... anyone can sell...but now you're limited on talking.
So now youtalkmelisten had to rethink things (again...and remember I'm old, mean and crabby). So maybe it's time for Big Bear to return. And Big Bear can list some items for auction and get a 10 feedback...and talk, and talk, and talk some more. But be careful what you say. Big Bear carries a cane. And if you're 6 foot 3 inches tall it just might hit you in the wrong spot (ouch).
And now?
I figure it will take a while to get that feedback to 10...but once it does this page will get an edit. The whole purpose in a chat name was so no one could come in the cafe and mess with my auctions....yes, I do believe that can happen. ... UPDATE!! I made it past 10!! Now I'm a happy camper.
My apologies to all my cafe friends who's names were omitted. I know how to sell...not write.

WOW ... That was how many years ago???? How time passes us by!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christmas is just around the Corner

Okay did that title surprise you? It is hard to believe but it really won't be that long til Christmas. You can even set your home page to the Christmas Countdown Clock and as of today there is just 129 days til Christmas. See I told you it is not that far away. So if you are reading this post after today there will be even fewer days til Christmas. 

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