Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Busy Day in the Moretti Household

Well Donald is feeling pretty good today and not requiring alot of Nursemaiding so I got busy today re arranging my totes of Blanket Fabric.

I had them at 1 time anyway all sorted and catagorized according to what they were for..

Disney Fabrics - Non Disney Children`s Fabrics - Adult Designs - Flannel Prints - Flannel Solids - Cotton Solids and Pillow Panels

Well being as how I am Lazy sometimes, when buying new Fabrics I would just put the bag of New Stash inside any of the totes that were close enough and handy to reach.. Ha ! None of them are easy to reach considering as many of them there are now. 10 at last count here in this one 10 x 12 room.

Which also is home to my Computer Desk which takes up 1 whole wall and my sewing machine Cabinet and Filing Cabinet which takes up the other wall.

Plus all my ebay stuff which is boxed up and lined up against the 3 rd Wall

This really doesn`t leave me alot of room to move around in here so tackling a project like todays was a Major one..

So here I go emptying 1 Tote at a time and piling all the fabric onto the computer chair so I can sort it all out and repack what belongs in the Properly Labeled Tote.

Will I get it all done by tonight ????

I hope so.. Wish me Luck !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I feel gooood! Like I knew I could...

Hello Folks!

How do YOU feel today? I feel great! Why? You see, I am one of the most blessed persons on the Internet today. Hows come, you ask? Did I win the lottery? NO! I'm blessed with great friends,a wonderful, loving family, and a HOUSE!A real, honest to goodness house. NOT that dreary, stinky, old apartment building.

So, today, I want to show you my home, and some of my other stuff I'm blessed with; as well as introduce you to a few of my friends. I belong to a great group on Yahoo. It's called "Onlinebusinesssuccess" or, OBS for short. If you go to eBay and type in OBS, you'll find some of my friends products will come up.

Speaking of eBay, were going to have an auction! We changed our eBay seller ID to JimmyorShell...we wanted to make it easier to remember. Now, to the auction. I found a piece of EAPG ( Early American Pattern Glass) and I'm going to auction it off. Here is a link to our blog. It tells all:

Now, my friends, I have set up my pics in photobucket. I made you all a slide show'll see things that make me happy. There Jimmy on the porch, my flowers,OK go look!

You all know I love to take pictures. So as your looking through my pic, notice the ones that are marked ZAZZLE...

Zazzle is a place where you can take your art and put it on shirts, hats...all kinds of "stuff" and sell it on the site. They (Zazzle) does the work for you, and you make commissions. Follow the click able link to see my store; you can find out more there.

As I said, I'm blessed with many friends. I want to mention two of those friends now...Dar, The Glass Guru...take a bow! You deserve it. This woman is one of the most giving persons on the face of this earth, and yes, I am Blessed to have her as a friend.

The second blessing in my life is a lady by the name of Beth Cherkowsky. Now, let me tell you what a blessing this lady has been ,and is to me. She invited me into her fold ( group). I owe my life today to her. I was floating around the Internet; now, because of Beth, and all my friends on OBS, I am grounded. I know where I'm going and how I intend to get there. My friend Beth won a website. It's set up, and she is in the process of filling it with all kinds of eye candy...Antique Daze will be the place to shop, so, go look!

Now, I have a challenge for you...what do you consider a blessing(s) in your life? Can you name one thing? Or several? Can you post one blessing in your life here? Come on folks! You know you want to feel as good as I do!

Have a great day and many blessings,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bra Fitting...

I broke down yesterday and had an official BRA FITTING.

As I tried to explain to my husband last night --- if you were a man --- this means that another man would be having you try on various underwear and then keep reminding you that you need to bring your "boys" to the front.

After that --- the man would stand there and point out the various flaws the underwear revealed...

After five minutes of are very aware of why you never wanted to have this done and why it took you so long to decide that you would.

The reason why....through most of yesterday I had on the BRA FROM H*LL. This is the one bra most women have that you don't wear unless you just completely forgot to wash the others and it was either it or go without (which would not have been pretty....).

I am convinced that in a former life - this particular bra was used as a torture device. The middle section jabs into you as if trying to induce a heart attack. The underwire....did its best to cut off my ability to get a full breath of air into my lungs and the straps dug into my shoulders so hard...there are still marks today....

Yep, I was in need of some new bras and worse...a bra fitting before I made another stupid mistake like last time (let's just say....someone on EBay ended up with a very expensive Lane Bryant bra that I brought home and after wearing the other one that I bought that same day...never even took the price tags off (of the second one) of.

The Bra Fitting place I ended up at --- actually specializes in bras for women that have had mastectomies, BUT also helps women who are hard to fit, whether full-figured or even too small to find a decent size. They also had a lot of really nice sleepwear, (featuring "Save The Ta-Tas" in hot pink) scarves, wigs, and shirts.

I'm hoping this place is doing really well...because I was thinking if I had to go through all that a breast cancer survivor has to --- this is where I would want to come.

So - I made it through my bra fitting and next week two nice new bras will be arriving and I can cross off another line from my "things I must do for myself this year" list.

How about you? When is the last time you had a bra fitting? If you haven't - grit your teeth, and resolve you are going to give it a try. You won't LIKE it, but I promise you will be more than happy with the results!