Sunday, June 28, 2009

I took the plunge!

No, I did not go swimming; I'm opening an Auctiva Merchant Store! I'm not up and running yet. Probably Wednesday, July 1, 2009... I took advantage of the 30 days free.

The dashboard is very interactive. The first one welcomes you. It has a store set up wizard you can use to get your feet wet...or set up your entire store!

The next block is an announcement board. So far they are announcing features and fixes. Then there are graphs for you to track sales and the popularity of your items. Hot buttons : add shipping;add items and recent orders.

Tere is a link for help and support. I followed the link and I'm impressed. They ask for your email address and store domain. Then there is a drop down box for the reason. There are 16 things on this, and it includes an "other" for anything not on this list. They want a one line description of your problem. Also asks what browser you use, this is a drop down box with 11 browsers and one space for "other".

Then they ask for a complete description of your problem. The last question: Is there a URL involved in your question and/or problem?...and of course a place to put it. Like I said, I'm impressed. This seems more thorough than other "request help" forms I've run into in the past.

You have an order summery box which includes payment pending, shipment pending, completed, problem, cancelled, and fraud....this goes back 90 days.

At the very bottom of your dashboard is a box that says user status.

There is a place for inventory; marketing; reports; store; and administration. It looks like it will be a lot of fun! A soon as I'm up and running I'll be back to give another report. Off to "play"!


Friday, June 12, 2009

In The Beginning: Boogity Boogity Let`s Go Racing Boys !

In The Beginning: Boogity Boogity Let`s Go Racing Boys !

Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello folks!

I'm coming to you a humbled online seller today. As you know, breast cancer is still very prevalent in our country; as well as across the world.

So, some of us OBS friends got together, and decided we would make "Bras for Breast Cancer Awareness" and sell them on eBay!

My 7 year old granddaughter helped me...or should I say I helped my 7 year old granddaughter? SHE did most of the work you see here. I placed the first two strategic "eyes" and manned the liquid stitch; she did the rest!

We call it "All eyes out for a cure"...What do you think? Are you interested in making your own to sell for breast cancer awareness? These are very easy to make.
We used pom poms from the dollar tree, and liquid stitch, a 1.50 bra from the dollar store, and eyes from the dollar tree...It took Jaelynn about 3 hours total to do it all.

We where thinking of using feathers, but felt that would be to much, since it's already quite colorful.

All you folks interested in buying one, don't forget it can be a tax write off!

Stat tuned for more...

Shell and Jaelynn;>)

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

I was going to list these Pretty Crystal Champagne Flutes in my ebay store last week but I can`t seem to be able to ID the Maker of them. And as we all know if you more bids and want higher bids you really need a good description of the item you are selling.

So I thought if I could write about them maybe someone who reads this blog can identify them for me.

They are about 7.5" High total with the stem being 3.5" and 2" in Diameter

As you can see in the picture there are 4 Petal shaped Markings at the Base of the Stem. At the top of the stem, base of the flute, there is a "knobbed" ring for better words to describe it.

The stem itself is ridged as is the Flute .

Dar, our Glass Guru at

has suggested that perhaps they were made by a France Company.

I have had no luck tracking down a Maker though..

So, if you are reading this Blog and have any idea who made these, or can send me in the right direction to look somewhere for them I would appreciate it very much. is where I can be reached

Thanks :>)