Sunday, July 22, 2012

Look Up and Be Amazed

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Secure Packaging..the seller's BEST friend

Shipping Tip !!
Double boxing, while effective is expensive and annoying and hard to cost-justify on less expensive but still fragile items.  SO try my method (well actually DH devised this with input from me... and it WORKS!)

Peanuts will move..they will wiggle out from under heavy objects leave your fragile item sitting on the box bottom. Then when the box falls off the 200 ft high conveyor belt at the USPS or UPS etc. guess what hits the cement floor first??  YOUR FRAGILE item protected by? one or two layers of ?? CARDBOARD..NOT GOOD!

SO put your packing peanuts in one of those ubiqituous plastic shopping bags, tie it shut and put THAT on the bottom of the box... FILL it (the bag I mean) over full so they can't move in there...they are Packing peanuts, they don't need room to breath... Tie it shut.

NOW put your item right on top of the bag.  put cardboard pieces cut to size all around it...all sides..put loose fill in between the cardboard and the box wall... put another "bag" of peanuts on top of the item. fill the box to the top or over with loose fill ... bump it up and down gently to settle the fill and add more to get it back up to the top... NOW seal it.  

No double boxing required cause you  just created an "internal double wall" less bubblewrap wasted, no "meandering packing peanuts"  and less broken stuff.   (we've had 2-3 items broken in the last 5.5 years..)