Sunday, September 27, 2009

eBay's On SALE! Did you know?

Did you know that eBay is in the middle of a sale on Auction listings?  Well, neither did I and that's another blog post (eBay's struggles to communicate with their sellers!). But thanks to an alert friend who passed on the information, I now know that ebay is running a 33% off sale on ALL auction listings - doesn't matter the starting price, or the category!

So if you have some items you were planning on listing at auction instead of Store, or Fixed Price, well, NOW is the time!  The sale was announced on the eBay General Announcement page and runs through October 11, 2009. You can visit THIS PAGE for all the details, exclusions, etc.

Janelle Elms, of OSI RockStars, is a great source to stay up-to-date with eBay announcements on her twitter account. the announcement was posted at 12 PM PST and you can see that Janelle had it out there right away! 

2:55pm, Sep 25 

Now trust me, I could turn this into another post about managing your twitter account - cause I PROMISE you, Janelle is way too busy to sit by the computer and post each and every ebay announcement as they come out. But, just join Rock Stars and you can take the class about putting twitter on automatic pilot too, LOL

Monday, September 21, 2009

Colonoscopy, cancer, & a cure for all

Well, today is the last day of Summer and the cooler weather is upon us.
Soooooo, let's think about our health. Today is Hubby's colonoscopy, (I had mine last Wednesday). When you get into the upper ages, (notice I didn't put an age to this) this is something that you need to have done. It has been approximately 8 years since my last one and I was told I should come back in 5 years. Hubby had his approximately 7 years ago.

Being that it's not the most pleasant thing to be doing, we had put it off and kept putting it off. Well, this year, it was beyond putting it off since we are not sure on what medical insurance we will have next year, so just needed to take care of it this year. If they find anything, they send it out for a biopsy.

Well, they found something with mine and I was asked to come back in 6 months. Aaacccckkkkk. The results of the biopsy are not in yet. That will take about 10 days. So, I'm keeping my fingers (& toes) crossed that it's not bad news.
Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our wonderful Selling and Buying Group of Internet Friends (who have become like a family) are raising some $$ for the cause. We have a lot of volunteers that are /decorating/creating some very nice and interesting looking BRAS for the cause.

These will be auctioned off on EBAY during each day of the month in October. Soooooo, as you can see, there are AT LEAST 31 of these wonderful looking BRAS. These volunteers have the talent and imagination that is fantastic. Since I'm not one of the talented creators, I have offered to give a gift to the person that had a BRA that brought the highest $$ amount for the cause.

I, for one, hope that there is a tie for a top dollar for all and I'm still going to give each one a gift. I am including the links where you are able to check out some of these fantastic BRAS, so put October in your memory bank and come on out to EBAY and see if you can win one of these BRAS.

By Marion (ID: freelandenterprises---

By Marion (ID: freelandenterprises---

My eBay Store:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My top 6 list...

Well hello there! 

Today is my 50th birthday, and I decided to go on a fantasy buying spree online! What would I buy from my friends, if I had the money? Well, you know me, I'm not letting cyber dust collect under MY mouse!
So, I went lookin'.

Now, these are in no particular order, but I love 'em all!

Drumm roll please!........

1.Sushiboofay's... Cat Plate
2. Udderlygoodstuf...Sterling Silver Cluster Cuff  Bracelet Navajo A. Jake
3. mommytoaaj...Blue & White Bowls
4. galleriagifts...Texas Lone Star Purse
5. elisia... Sapphire Blue Heart Shaped Brooch
6. fireangelstreasurechest...Infinite Stars Quilt Patterns
This concludes my list of things i would buy. i hope you agree with me. You all have a god day, 'cause I sure am!  Happy birthday to me; Happy Birthday to me...LOL!


Six Questions for you!

Six Questions

I’m probably the newest member of our Online Business Success Yahoo group and aside from Katarina who was the one who brought me into the group, and Beth, I don’t know too much about the other members. So, I thought this might be a good way of letting all of us know a little bit about each other by answering the following questions. Please take a moment and answer the questions below and let the rest of us know a bit about you! I'll go first...

1. What’s your ebay shop or online web site name?

2. How long have you been selling online?
I started on ebay on 4-2008 because I think my husband was getting tired of seeing all these paintings strewn about our house LOL! I'd been reading a bunch of books on painting and took some classes at our local college, and trying to learn all I could on painting. My family kept telling me that I could probably sell them online, sooooo….here I am!

3. What do you sell mostly?
Affordable and original works of art that I’ve painted.

4. What is your favorite item right now that you’re selling (on ebay or anywhere else)?
Yellow Zinnea Original Oil Painting

5. What do you want to learn from reading this blog?
There is so much I need to learn about selling online. I know most of the members just have a bunch of information that I'm totally unaware of, so maybe tips on selling online?

6. Have you quit your day job to sell online?
No. We have a family construction business that I’ve worked at for the last 17 years and our business is suffering from the “state of the economy” so consequently I have more time to paint (every cloud has a silver lining-lol). But I couldn’t possibly live off my paintings-not for the next couple of years, anyway!

Now, it's your turn!

Maria Soto Robbins

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More About the Bling My Bra Campaign!

You're going to get sick of hearing me talk about this before October is over but... October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and while my little band of "bra artists" has happily created bras for me to sell so we can donate the proceeds to the Susan G Komen Foundation, WHAT are you going to do to help??? (well first, go look at the pretty, funny, imaginative bras they made...

This one is the Boston eBay Live 2008 Bra

It's from Fireangel on eBay

And this one is our "Racing for a Cure" Bra (by KDMoretti of KDMoreCrafts on Ebay)

This one is called "STRIKE OUT BREAST CANCER"

AND THESE - start with the Bra I personally call "COMIC RELIEF" and runs through the rest that I have right here already. When More arrive I'll make a new slide show. BUT....

Back to the Question - WHAT are YOU going to do to help?? Well you can come to my eBay store from September 24, 2009 on and Bid on one or more of these gorgeous creations - AND!! you can be Proactive and turn yourself, your Twitter ID and your ebay/bonanzle/etsy backgrounds and website pages, and blog pages PINK for October to support BREAST CANCER AWARENESS!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Friend Shell and Our Group

We have a wonderful group here at OBS and each member is special but I want to take a moment and thank Shell for all she does. Shell is one special person and despite life and family issues that she has to deal with she is always ready to help any member. She certainly encourages all of us and I wanted to say thank you.

We have a very special group here on the net that has turned into an online family. We share many things and encourage each other by listing goals (that would be me) and encouraging every member to be the best they can be.

We celebrate each other's successes and help each other through trying customers (yes we all get them at times) and we are never alone.

When a member posts a question there is always someone there to help. This is truly an online family and I am proud to be a member.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Maria Robbins Originals! or We have an artist among us...

We are fortunate in the fact that we have so many talented folks in our group. We have Dar, who not only is a talented Glass Guru, but also a very talented crafter! We where talking the other day about her hand made craft items on eBay.

Then, there is our Kathy who sews every little girls dream blankets & so much more! I'm sure you'll recall she has items on Bonanzle also. (I adore the Disney Cars blanket.)

Now, we have an actual artist of the first water! I am proud to say I know Maria. She is one of the newer members of our group, OBS (Online Business Success).

I have not had the pleasure, until now, of actually LOOKING at Maria's work. Oh sure, I went and watched her Original Geranium Floral Impasto Florida; because I wanted to see her work. But , I was in a hurry so I watched it so I could come back to it later. I do remember thinking how pretty it was.

So, today, I went to eBay and checked up on my watched items. Then I decided to look at her other stuff...Oh my! How pretty! Now, since I have the inside scoop. I know of other places she sells, like etsy. So, I went there. Look how real this sunflower pic looks! It's a 12 by 15 gessoed panel, in oil.

These are just a couple of things by the very talented artists I am so lucky to call "friends". Thank you all for such wonderful contributions to this world of ours. I see gifts in my families' futures.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Share Some Time With Them

Did you know that this Sunday, September 13, is Grandparents Day? Yes, really. It's been held on the 1st Sunday after Labor Day since the legislation was passed by the U.S. Congress and proclaimed by President Carter in 1978. The very first Grandparents Day was held in West Viriginia in 1973 after many efforts by founder Marian McQuade.

Have you considered what you're going to do for your grandparents today? Are you going to surprise them with a phone call or maybe a visit if they're close by? I know you're busy and this is Sunday and you usually sleep in or have other activities planned, but it would mean a lot to them. They would love to hear from you.

Having trouble thinking what you could do for them? What about a home-baked treat? Remember those cookies grandma taught you how to make that summer you visited? What about baking some and taking them over and sharing that memory with her?

What about the time you and grandpa went fishing? You've still got the picture of your first fish from that day. Why not make a copy of that special picture and put in a frame (they're cheap at a dollar store if you're not into making frames), take it to grandpa and remember all the fun times you've had with him?

If you have little ones, you know grandparents like artwork to hang on their fridge. It doesn't matter that the little stick people don't look like the family or the little scribble like the dog, car or whatever else they tried to draw. Grandma and Grandpa will love it and think about your visit a long time after you leave. Just take some plain paper and crayons. You don't need to go high-tech for a picture. Sure you could add stamps or glitter, or picture cut outs, but you don't need to, it can be as simple as you want it to be. It'll be from Joan and Terry, that's all they need or want.

Grandparent's no longer living? Well, what about adopting some? There are many lonely elderly people. Some live their lives shut-in and don't get to see many real live people. Most of their world revolves around the tv, books, or the retirement home where they live. Believe me, most love to have visitors.

Where can you find some to adopt? Church, senior centers, retirement homes, convalescent homes. Afraid to go alone? Don't know how to start? Approach your pastor at church about an adopted seniors program or talk with the activities coordinator at the retirement homes about coming by yourself or with a small group.

A group coming to sing and share hand-made cards will do wonders. Some places (ask first!) will let you bring goodies or a small well-behaved animal to share. You can't imagine how wonderful it is getting to pet an animal for some of these folks who can't have them full-time where they are. They live for these visits.

Grandparents Day can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Just take a moment to tell them you care; they'll remember your efforts for a long time to come.

Enjoy your day!


ebay id: earboysmommy

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bonanzle Update ~ Increase Exposure...just a little something to help you out!

Hello folks!

I was reading some emails from a few of my friends in our group OBS.  Katarina:, was talking to 3 of my other friends, Deb: and Kathy kdmoretti. and Suz  : where discussing different ways to help generate traffic on Bonanzle. 

Now, if you have paid attention, you know we are not just a "group". We try to help each other, and you folks outside of our group. So, with permission, I am able to tell you what they had discussed. This is how we trouble shoot and solve problems. 

They where specifically talking about making lists on Bonanzle.Katarina said:"Creating a hand-picked list increases your views dramatically. I usually create one list a week.  I add one of my items to the list. (Bonanzle lets you add only one of your own.) This week it's  Avon:

Deb asked: "Do you have to be a paid subscriber to do that?". Katarina answered: "Nope  free. If you go to my bonanzle, under selling activities, there is a link to handpicked list" then she offered to  the list to add our 

Kathy M said: " I have lots of AVON items in my Boanazle booth Pick what you want for your list  Katarina added 3 of Kathys items to her list. Then Kathy Asked: "How long do the lists stay up ? "To which Katarina replied: " it stays up for 30 days but it needs to have 20 items to be featured...
...So if I make a list with 20 items and couple sell than with the 18 it never gets featured anymore. So everytime I make another list ( 1-2 a week) I check the older lists and if there ale less than 20 items I add whatever is needed."

Now, our friend Suz asked, " So they don't let you add to the list once you hit 20 and it sells down?... (the answer is no, )...I need to make some, I've been on some. Your idea to promote each other is good, we should share when we make these."

If you have a hand picked list and would like for me to add it to our blog, email me at or (Now, it might be a couple of days, so please be patient:>))

So, as you can see, because we share information, we learn good ideas on getting and maintaining exposure on Bonanzle. As a group, we do this about all sorts of venues.  I,ve got to get my butt over to bonanzle and get some new stuff listed; mine's been there so long they are probably growing mold!

Thank's for reading. Tune in next time when I tell you other trade secrets of the OBS Gang!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top 5 Things I want on eBay..

Sometimes I like to dream.. dream about if money was not an object... what would I buy on eBay. Here is my top five.

1. Six Acre Private Hawaii

Who wouldn't want all of this with Ocean views?
Want to see for yourself? Go here

2. 2008 Dodge Sprinter Van

Who wouldn't want a 15 passenger van? I would use this to death..
Girl Scouts, Youth Group..and taking my kids and their friends places.
What to see this van? Go here.

3. Cole Haan Village Tote

I have this purse in black.. and LOVE it..
Want to check it out? Go here.

4. Melissa Shirley Candy Cane Santa Needlepoint.

I love to needlepoint.. and I love Melissa Shirley's designs.
Do you want to look at this? Check here.

5. Blue & Green Lamp work Bead Bracelet

I love these colors.. these are all hand made.. and simply beautiful
Check this out here.

So..what do you want on eBay today?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything Part 2

A Little Bit of Everything Part 2

Well I have really been Lazy adding to my blog here and I am sorry for that. I hope this new installment makes up for it :>)

Todays subject is Blankets for little Girls..

I have a Huge inventory of different fabrics for the Feminine ones and it made it very difficult to
decide which ones I am going to focus on today..

So I`m going with the most Popular which is Disney Princesses and Ariel along with a few others.

First is a Beautiful Panel featuring Cinderella in the Center with her friends Belle and Sleeping Beauty along side her.

The Panel is 36" wide and 44" long.. It`s 100% Cotton

On the backside I will u
se a Pretty Pink Cotton.. And when it`s finished there will be a Pink Satin Blanket Binding all around the edges..

This is one of the Most Requested Blanket at Christmas time.

Then I have some Very Soft Flannel with the Princesses Faces on it..

Again, the back will be a Pretty Pink and will be edged in Satin Blanket Binding

This blanket when finished will measure 38" x 46"

Next I have
a Collage of Princesses on a 100% Cotton Fabric ..You can see from the picture here,

the Pretty Pink Satin Blanket Binding that I used to finish this one

It measures 38" x 46" finished..

And last but NOT least is Little Mermaid "Ariel"

She is one of my Granddaughters Favorite and quite popular with the 4-8

Year old Group
Ariel is in an Ocean of Bubbles here ..Fabric is 100% Cotton..

On the back of this I will use a Pale Blue Cotton..

To compliment Ariels hair color, a Bright Orange Satin Blanket Binding

looks Fantastic with this one

Finished measures 38" x 46"

So these are just a FEW of the Fabrics I have for little girls.. I have lots of others ie.. Hello Kitty

Dora The Explorer - Care Bears - Tinkerbell and then for the TWEENAGERS I have

Hannah Montana and High School Musical with a Special Flannel Fabric with Just TROY on it..

I will be happy to answer any questions anyone has about my Blankets, which you can find more

at my ebay store,

and share more pictures with you, you can email me @

Next installment soon on "Blankets for the Grown Ups"

Stay tuned :>)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fantasy Bras to Benefit Breast Cancer Research

Beth Cherkowsky
Levittown Pa. 19056

For Immediate Release:

Support Breast Cancer Research during October 2009 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Last spring a popular, platinum eBay seller, 3rdPowerOutlet, ran a charity auction benefiting Breast Cancer Research. John Lawson, aka ColderIce, with a little help from his friends raised over $3000 for Breast Cancer Research via eBay’s Giving Works Program. Inspired by Mr. Lawson’s (aka colderice), a network of eBay, Bonanzle and Internet sellers have organized a new campaign to raise money for Breast Cancer Research during October which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Beginning October 1, 2009 we will be running an eBay auction per day of “Fantasy Bras”. Creative confections with themes that are funny, beautiful and inventive created by artists and crafts people celebrating the military, their favorite hobbies (offroading) and car racing, flowers and dozens of other themes. (pictures available upon request) Some notable eBay and internet celebrities are joining the action by donating Fantasy Bras including the original motivator, John “ColderIce” Lawson of 3rdPowerOutlet and the ColderIce Blog, and Marsha Collier, author of the eBay for Dummies series of books, Santa Shops at Ebay. Marsha is an eBay PowerSeller as well as the Co-host of Computer Technology on at

All proceeds – 100% of the sale price of these auctions will go to Susan G. Komen For the Cure – Headquarters - Certified for eBay Giving Works since 2003. MissionFish nonprofit ID 939.thru Giving Works (more information about eBay Giving Works is available at Special thanks goes to eBay seller VMKinnovation ( – who is donating a special DoLife hat that will be included in each auction. The DoLife symbol celebrates Life and offers hope.

Information and pictures of the donated fantasy bras and their creators will be available here There is a slideshow of all the bras currently donated here -¤t=7a14eaf7.pbw. This site will also include links to each auction as it’s launched and information on the proceeds of each auction.

Please join us starting on the evening of September 24th when the first auction will launch at