Friday, August 29, 2014

What Do You Think of When You Hear Labor Day Weekend?

It's hard to believe that this weekend is Labor Day weekend. That spells the end of summer and back to school routine for many families. Even when the kids are grown and out of the house this weekend still means the end of summer fun and hot sunny weather. Around here many schools start before Labor Day but when I was growing up this was our last fun weekend before school started.

I also think of fall with those cool crisp days and nights getting darker earlier. There are many people that don't like the fall and nights that get dark so early are you one of those people? I love all the seasons and enjoy the changes that each one brings. When the nights get dark early it forces us inside as a family to enjoy an early dinner and a relaxing evening together.

It won't be long and we will be seeing the leaves turning colors and what a beautiful time of year this is in PA. I call this sweater weather when they days are still warm and the nights you need a sweater. This time of year also has people thinking about the upcoming holidays since Christmas is not far off.

Speaking of  Christmas we sell a variety of collectible items that make great unique gifts for that special someone on your list. So if you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping stop by The Book Corner Cafe at eBay and check out items.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tips on Talking to Ebay Customer Service

Tips on Talking to Ebay Customer Service
Keep a notebook or spreadsheet of your conversations for EVERY TIME you call in to Customer Service.
If the CS Rep has given you information on the call such as, "Call us back when you return the item and at that point it will qualify for defect removal" -- Then ask the CS Rep to make a note about their ruling on your account.

Once they've made their notes, ASK THEM TO READ THE NOTES BACK TO YOU. Nine times out of ten the conversation will NOT be recorded properly. (You will shake your head at what they did record in the notes, and wonder if the two of you were having the same conversation.)

At that point, tell them that there is missing information, and tell them what needs to be recorded in the notes. Such as "You said it would definitely qualify for defect removal. But you did not write that. Please write the exact words that this qualifies for defect removal."

Or when ebay CS says, "We've descored the case and removed the defect." If their notes do not accurately reflect what they have done....insist that they write word for word what was done, and for the item number it pertains to.

Then ask them to read it back to you word for word. Keep going over this until you are sure the notes in your account correctly reflect the information you were given by the rep or that the notes accurately reflect the action that was taken. Is this tedious? Yes. But it is super important. Do it. Every time.

VERY IMPORTANT -- Record the name and last initial of the person you are speaking with. Record the date of the call, the beginning time of the phone call, and the end time of the phone call, in case they must pull the tape for review.

Be sure to get this reference number EVERY TIME. If you have to call ebay back, and you have to refer back to a conversation with a different CS Rep, "but this other rep told me something completely different," they can refer to the reference number and see the notes of the conversation.
Note: The notes of the conversation are not always on your account.
But they CAN trace the phone call via the reference number.
I just got a defect descored/removed that the rep argued was not removable. But because I had the date, time, and reference number of the previous phone call telling it was removable and the reasons why, the ebay CS Rep apologized that she had made a mistake, and she was able to remove the defect, and she congratulated me for being so organized and making the conversation much easier by having all the evidence lined up for her.

Of course, I asked her record that action taken on my account....asked her to read the notes back to me. Asked her to make some additions to the notes. Asked her name and last initial. At that point she said to me, "And you want the reference number, too, right?" I told her, "You betchya. You know I do!"
I have been following this procedure for years. I ALWAYS get the reference number of the call, and make sure that the notes accurately reflect our conversation. I cannot tell you how many times this has rescued me from problems in the past. But especially with the new defect system, I highly recommend following this procedure for logging your phone calls to ebay.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

we are in the summer duldrums for many people, some people are talking about sales slowing down with the heat of Summer.  Mine are however, going up nicely!  (I am glad)
My Amazon FBA business is doing fantastic.

And I have a very busy schedule come up.
I am speaking at SCOE/Seattle next week
"Sourcing for Amazon & FBA"
along with many others, like Skip McGrath & Kat Simpson who will also having speaking sessions.

After that the first week of September I will be speaking at CES/Dallas   Consult Expand & Sell by Jim Cockrum
You can see the Live Streaming here:

About 500 people will be descending on Dallas for this event, and tickets sold out withing 24 hours, just WOW!!!
And a fantastic group of people to network with.
I am really excited.

Now to keep my business going and growing with all of this going on...  Will be a challenge.

And of course my Seller Coaching is growing and keeping me very busy.

Deep breath, and continue forward!!

Bob Willey
Here is my YahooGroup FBAForum with over 5,000 members strong and over 6 years old.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back To School Already ??

Just in passing conversation the other day with some on line friends, I realized that other parts of the country  ( I`m on the East Coast ) start the new school year very soon like within 1 week..

And to think I used to complain when I was in school ( many many years ago ) that the school year started right after the Labor Day weekend was over

I can remember the last picnics and BBQ`s of the summer being sort of meloncholy because it meant early to bed nights, homework and very early mornings to get ready for school

For me anyway the BEST thing about the new school year meant seeing friends that I haven`t seen since the end of the previous school year and being 1 step closer to graduating :-)

This new school year is Special to me though because my oldest Granddaughter is NOW a Senior in high school and will be graduating in June and headed for college to pursue a degree in Music and Journalism ( at least that`s what she says she wants to do lol, )

So as we close out the summer and hit the stores for Back To School Clothes and shoes and bookbags and essentials for the new year, if you are looking for bargains on jeans or shoes take a peek at my ebay store

or my Amazon store

Happy Shopping :-)

A Gaggle of Friends

So the original point of this blog was supposed to be to promote my friends and family who sell on ebay.  And to vent about ebay's stupid management decisions. Well that's a waste of my breathe so I'm back to promoting the friends and family. 

To wit, here are a few of my friends and their items they have listed right now:

Cranberry Frosted Art Glass bowl

Now would that not make a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift?

And my friend Suzanne has these great coffee or hot chocolate mugs..

Corningware Coffee Mugs - Dusty Blue

You better bid on these before I do because I love all things blue.. (and I sure need some pretty mugs..)

Of course, if you're a baker or a grandmom (or a cookie store) THIS is just perfect (ok you can put cupcakes in it too if you want... )

Cupcake Cookie Jar

Don't ask me why they are different sized pictures cause I've got NO clue.

My very good friend Debbie has a lot of hardware in her listings... NO I mean real Hardware - check out these door handles.   Here's the picture
Are they not great??

Then there's a favorite of mine (new favorite..)  This seller has some vintage stuff and says he's adding more.. 

And my friend Kathy has a Build-a-Bear lot for sale here (her store is great!! )

Build a Bear Candy 

 And my friend Angela has these awesome men's silk suspenders (braces)

Men's Burgundy and Cream Button Suspenders / Braces made in England.

And not really last or least are my two friends Trish who is having a 20% off sale on everything in her store..  Birdhouse Books

And Suz who is have a 15 % off sale and offers free shipping.  MyMomsBooks

LAST of all is me - my store is Depressionglasswarehouse Where I have a lot more than Depression Glass. So come on in and browse.  We do combine shipping and we also have a sale running but mine is 25% til tomorrow