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These Are The DSRs Of Our Lives: Labor Day Sale in the "burbs" of the internet

These Are The DSRs Of Our Lives: Labor Day Sale in the "burbs" of the internet

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Amazon Tidbits & Helpful Info

We were having an interesting discussion about Amazon and Merchant -vs- MarketPlace and SellerCentral and what it means, and here is some information I pulled together from various Amazon Help pages. Enjoy. And hope it helps, some great reading here.... (LONG POST!!)

Bob Willey

If you ask different people at Amazon you almost always get different answers.
The details on the setup of accounts and databases is a very complicated and confusing mess,
and not even many at Amazon understand it all.

I know that when I setup for FBA, it switched me over to SellerCentral (you see it when you go into your Seller Account)

Let me see what I can find:

Differences Between Pro Merchant and Individual Seller Accounts

Seller Account Feature
Plan Type
Individual Pro Merchant
$39.99 monthly subscription fee No Yes
$0.99 per-item closing fee Yes No
Ability to create new product pages in the catalog No Yes
Use of feeds, spreadsheets, and other tools to manage inventory No Yes
Access to order reports and order-related feeds No Yes
Amazon set shipping rates for all products Yes No
Seller-customized shipping rates for non-BMVD products No Yes
Use of the Vacation feature Yes Yes
Promotions, Gift Services, and other special listing features No Yes
Eligibility for Featured Merchant status and listing placement in the Buy Box No Yes
Price limit of $10,000 for each listing* Yes No

*This price limit does not apply to Individual sellers approved to list in the Collectible Books category.


Amazon Marketplace is a sales platform used by sellers outside the Amazon Merchant program. Marketplace sellers can be businesses or individuals, who can sell new, used, refurbished, and collectible products.

Not all product lines are enabled for Marketplace selling. For example, the Apparel category is currently not open to Marketplace sellers.

For stores that offer Marketplace, you can find a link to offerings on the product detail page, in the More Buying Choices box. For example, when you view a product detail page, you might see "51 used & new from $13.73." If you click this link, the offer listing page appears, showing all listings, including listings from Marketplace sellers, merchants, and the retail Web site.

"Seller Agreement" means the Selling on Amazon Service Terms, the Merchants@ Program Agreement, the Marketplace Participation Agreement, any successor to any of these agreements, or any other similar agreement (as determined by Amazon) between you and us that permits you to list and sell products via the Amazon Site.

The new Amazon WebStore provides many advantages and improvements over the original WebStore by Amazon. However, there are some differences between the two products. The following table notes some key differences.


New Amazon WebStore

Original WebStore by Amazon

Seller Branded Checkout pipeline option

Yes (with Amazon WebStore Accounts)


Support for multiple sites

Not Yet


Choice of Customer Account Type

Yes, choice between Amazon WebStore Accounts or Accounts (See FAQ)

No, accounts only

Integrated multichannel applications for store and phone ordering



Integrated customer service application



High Upsell Cart



Ability to sell in restricted categories (e.g., Watches, Jewelry, Beauty, Cell Phones & Accessories)


Limited (seller cannot use both Amazon WebStore and Selling on

UPC restrictions



Customer “Your Account” functionality

Seller branded Your Account features

Most links point to

Support for pre-order items

Not Yet

Limited (Pre-order of FBA products not supported)

Store Design and Merchandizing

Supported using new and enhanced Store Design Tool


Add and Edit Products

Supported using Inventory Tool with major enhancements like interactive and batch editing, search wizard, advanced search and feeds.

“Add a product” tool, feeds

When registering as a seller on, you create a single selling account for your business. Operating and maintaining multiple seller accounts is prohibited.


Seller Central Help: Account Settings: Getting Started: Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Know to Sell on

Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Know to Sell on

Now that you've read your seller agreement and associated policies and guidelines, we want to give you additional information that is key to selling successfully on Amazon.

We find that new sellers on often bring with them their experiences with other selling platforms and assume that all seller platforms work the same. They may think that there's no need to pay much attention to the details in your seller agreement and the platform policies and guidelines. As a result, we receive communications from sellers that begin with "I didn't know I was supposed to...."

= Things to Know
= Things to Do
= Things to Avoid
= Policy Violations

We don't want you to find yourself in that position, so we are presenting you with some of the things that are most commonly overlooked by new sellers. The icons at right will help you identify what you need to know, do, or avoid doing.

Your Account

Things to Know

When registering as a seller on, you create a single selling account for your business. Operating and maintaining multiple seller accounts is prohibited.
You can help build buyer trust in your business by providing clear and detailed information about your policies.
Your returns policies must be at least as favorable to buyers on as the Amazon refund policies.
: Amazon's refund policies allow for the return of new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

Things to Do

Provide the business name that will be displayed on so that they remember your company.
Make sure your business contact information is current (e-mail & phone number if available) so that we may contact you, if necessary.
Keep credit card and bank account information current for payments and settlements
Provide shipping and returns policies to help build buyer trust.
Describe the gift messaging and gift wrap services you offer
Upload your logo—your storefront logo image must be exactly 120 x 30 pixels
Only enter company info specific to how you manage your business on
Choose shipping rate settings so buyers know what your shipping costs.

Things to Avoid

Registering for multiple seller accounts.
Including website URLs in product feeds, business name, or other company information that may refer buyers to your or any other website.
Assuming other sellers are doing it right. Always double-check your practices against the applicable platform policies and guidelines and the seller Help content.

Listing Products

Things to Know

Listing products in the right categories and with the correct information is critical for good buyer experience and strong seller performance.
You can help build buyer trust in your business by providing clear and detailed information about your policies.
Your returns policies must be at least as favorable to buyers on as the Amazon refund policies.
: Amazon's refund policies allow for the return of new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. buyers expect their purchases to be well-packaged and to arrive on time.
Product detail pages do not belong to any one seller. The product title, image and details must be specific to the product, not to any seller or any individual seller promotions.
Set up your shipping charges, sale pricing, and promotions using Amazon tools; don't include any of this information in your product listing details.
Your Amazon seller agreement requires that the price at which you list a product on and the other terms of your offer must be the same or better than for the same product offering on your other online sales channels.

Things to Do

Product Titles
Provide information about the specific product only
Keep it short, but include critical information
100 characters maximum
Start with the product brand where appropriate – not seller
Include a model number, when available
Use only plain text (no HTML formatting)
Capitalize the first letter of each word
Use numerals (2 instead of two)

Use white, clean backgrounds that do not distract from the product
Create images with 300 dpi minimum; 1,000 dpi is best
Show the entire product. It should occupy at least 80 percent of the image area
Include only what the buyer will be receiving
JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), or GIF (.gif) format; JPEG preferred.
Use photographs

Things to Avoid

Product Titles
Marketing information (“x% off” or other marketing messages, seller URL, seller name) in product information
Using categories that do not match the existing browse tree
HTML code
Symbols (! * $ ?)
Promotions or other information that is not descriptiove of the product itself

Promotional text such as "Sale" or "Free Shipping"
Colored backgrounds or lifestyle pictures (for the main image)
Borders, watermarks, text or other descriptions
A single image displaying multiple colors of your product together when they are sold separately
Line drawings or artistic representations
Animated images
URLs or seller logo/name on product images

Customer Orders

Things to Know

When you set up your account, you'll find information about shipping expectations that you will need to integrate into your order and fulfillment processes. You'll also see that you're required to confirm to Amazon when you have shipped your orders, so we can keep buyers informed about the progress of their orders and charge their credit cards for the purchase.
You are required to ship media products (books, music, DVD and video) within 2 business days. Non-media products must be shipped by the shipping availability date you specify in the product feed for such products.
You must confirm to Amazon that you have completed shipment in order to receive payment for an order. This confirmation will also trigger Amazon's shipment confirmation e-mail to the buyer and will set the expectation for estimated delivery date.

Things to Do

Review default shipping settings and customize to fit your fulfillment model
Check your account at least daily for orders
Schedule order reports to ensure an authoritative report of all orders and order information

Things to Avoid

Including any marketing or promotional materials with packing materials
Relying on e-mail notifications of account activity. E-mails can get lost or deleted.

Customer Service

Things to Know

You are required to take returns and provide refunds up to 30 days from the date of delivery in accordance with Amazon's Returns and Refunds policy.
Selling on requires less communication by you to buyers than most other online sales channels because much of the process communication is handled by Amazon.
Amazon will provide all the order and shipping e-mails to buyers; you must not send order or shipment confirmation e-mails, to avoid conflicting messaging or confusion for the buyer.
You must not market or advertise to buyers, nor divert them in any way from the Amazon sales process—not even in otherwise permitted communications, such as when responding to buyer inquiries about your products or their orders.

Things to Do

Fulfill all orders within the promised lead time and shipping windows and ship exactly what you listed for sale.
Clearly explain your shipping, returns and refunds policies and processes, along with other pertinent information. Seller return policies on, at a minimum, must be at least as favorable as the current Amazon Refund Policies.
Learn about buyer communication policies for doing business on; be aware of when Amazon handles the communications to buyers and when it is appropriate for your company to communicate (or not). Generally, you will not send communications to buyers other than as necessary for order fulfillment and related customer service. Respond promptly to buyer questions about the status of their order.
Keep in mind that buyers have come to expect the same level of customer service from sellers that they receive from Amazon. If you don't meet that standard, you may have to deal with some unsatisfied buyers.
Be courteous and patient with buyers when they request information, returns or refunds.

Things to Avoid

Bribing buyers for positive feedback.
Using buyer information for online or offline marketing purposes, or directing buyers to your own or another's website.
Engaging in arguments with buyers rather than courteously working to resolve the problem.
Assuming that buyers read your policies.

Pass this along to your friends, link to your Facebook and/or Twitter, Enjoy!!!

Brought to you by:

Bob Willey http://BobsNeatBooks

Friday, August 27, 2010

Aguie the Donkey Baby Has a Sex Change #blogboost

Got your attention there right?? Well, it's a true story.  I have a friend in a western state who when she and her husband retired, bought a small farm.  Just 10 acres. They wanted it because they wanted animals.  They have at varying times up to 5 dogs (that I know of) and a dozen cats, inside and outside and barn versions, a horse or two and a donkey. (one of those "Adopt a wild animal" things you know?

Well this week she sent out Birth Announcements:

"We had a new baby donkey born Saturday night. It was a girl so we named her Augustina and christened her Ladyship Augustina "

Then today she sent this
"We had a new baby donkey born Saturday night. The mother wouldn't let us get too close at first and we thought it was a girl so we named her Augustina and christened her Ladyship Augustina - sent out pictures the whole 9 yards".

"When we could get close enough, though, we discovered our "precious little girl" was actually a feisty little guy so we named him Augustin, aka AUGIE..  So Welcome to the World Augie.... stay away from mama Carol, she's just liable to change you back to a girl!

This wonderful lady is another one of my "super seller" OBS friends -

And a wise-acre fellow group member made this remark (hey Griff!! LOL)

A baby donkey!?! .... a new Above Standard Seller is born !.... just give him a bit and he'll grow up to be a TRS!



Picture credits to strayspray and kudos for the animals you house!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Labor Day Sale in the "burbs" of the internet

This blog is written by committee - and on that committee are people who've been selling FOREVER as we like to remind each other.  Typically we run sales on eBay, in our eBay stores (we did that in July and early August if you've been paying attention).  But this week we decided to promote the sales of our alternative venues if we have them.  Places like Bonanzle and eCrater and I-Offer and etsy and our own websites. 

Of course some of us don't yet have alternative venues but those folks, many of them are having mark-downs in their eBay store (they don't want to be left out of the fun. )

So beginning on Monday August 28th at exactly the stroke of midnight and continuing until Tuesday September 7th at 11:59 PM we're having a sale... a Labor Day sale.

Our first link goes to Elisia's Shop where the owner Meryl is offering   10 % off of craft and book items during the sale.  I've shopped in her store and she offers beautiful things. 

Next is Marion - She's offering 5% off at any of the following stores
My eBay Store:

My eCrater Store:

My Bonanzle Store:

My Blujay Store:
My Addoway Store:
Marion makes some jewelry and offers some skin care items as well as some fragrances.  Ask her how she caught 5 bass with 2 minnows!
Super Seller #3 is one VERY DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE who is offering 20% off selected items in her eBay store.  She gets some of the best deals on things...check out this item Vintage Southwest Indian Blanket Dress and she's not just a fashionista!  She's also got some discontinued items that are getting pretty darn hard to find like this one..Vintage Party napkins - Aren't they adorable?? I collect cat-themed items so you better go buy them before I have time to.

Of course, you have to stock up on videos for the cold dreary months ahead and Videotowne has a enormous stock of adult movies - and here is their link on our website ( They're offering free shipping on orders of $10 or more.

Then there's Beth - she offering 15% off anything in her Bonanzle Booth aka Antique Daze -

Have you met our Gail? She's the proprietor of this eBay store -  Gail sells some beautiful items, for instance, got a girly-girl heading back to school?? How about these insulated lunch bags?
Personally I need one of these CELLPHONE HOLDERS   (my favorite thriftstore calls me regularly "we found your phone AGAIN". LOL)

And Kat is offering a discount on her bonanzle booth KatsKloset I think she has every conceivable windspinner made as well as some adorable cell phone covers like this Florida Gators one

BookcornerCafe is run by one of my favorite people on the internet.  There is a 15% off sale there too!  Deb is an amazing and very caring seller.  She has a lot of racing memorabilia because she and her husband are both racing fans but she also has a lot of other neat stuff.  She's on Amazon too with lots of books.  

Remember a couple of weeks ago I told you about the custom blanket lady?  Well she's here too - 10% off in her store KDMORE-CRAFTS-AND-MORE
I like her blankets for sending my great nephews off to nursery school with. Since they are "customized" or themed to their favorite (of the moment) TV shows or cartoon characters, there's NO possiblity someone else will claim it  - course if the kid is college age, you can order a bigger version in a themed blanket for their sport or school   Seriously what could help more with homesickness than a blankie from Mom or Grandmom?

Still have Christmas shopping to do?  Check out Bob's Neat Books  for 10% off on most items.  Course  you can always use his make an offer button if it's not already marked, ya know? Bob has lots of unique items and books.

Then there's Grandmom Bev - who's offering a 10% discount in her eBay store Grandma-Bevs-Stuff  Grandma Bev has some beautiful clear glass vases that would look very witchy filled with those little orange pumpkins as well as tons of funny, unique coffee mugs!

And last but never least, the mastermind behind our group sales, BirdhouseinMysoul - Miss BirdhouseBooks herself!! She's offering a 20% off sale and she  has lots of childrens' books particularly Little Golden Books, so if you home school, check there for reading material. Or if you're a grandparent, she has lots and lots of wholesome bed-time stories and gift quality books you can hand the child and not worry about what he's reading (or she).  In addition to which she has lots of other ephemera, including postcards and vintage valentines etc. that make wonderful graphics and decorative items even if you're not a collector.!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On My SoapBox Again - KNOW the Signs of Stroke

In 1994, on Father's Day (June 19th to be exact) at the age of 46, with no previous history of it in his family, my husband had a stroke. Fortunately, we were both home, I recognized that what was happening was not normal.  He put on shorts, but couldn't stand up without assistance. I literally carried him to the van and boosted him in and raced 1 mile up the road to the closet hospital.
And fortunately for him, there, the ER doctor was experienced enough and astute enough to recognize the same symptoms I had seen and gave him the clot-buster drug.

IF either one of us had NOT recognized his symptoms, he would either be a partially crippled 62 year old now or dead.  We had a 13 yr old at that time. I'm still grateful his father survived to help raise him.  Not a job for me alone.

PLEASE read this article and in particular the bottom section with the symptoms of Stroke - If you are lone and don't "feel right", go to the bathroom or the bedroom or a mirror anywhere, look at yourself?

Is one side of your face not working??
can you touch your nose?
What is your name (Say it out loud...if you don't sound right or look right CALL 911) 
do you know the name of the current president? (whether you voted for them or not) - SAY IT OUTLOUD...if you can't or it's garbled or you can't understand yourself...CALL 911.

SM ILE at yourself in the mirror - if you can't? Call 911

If you're still not sure? CALL 911 just to be on the safe side.

later this week I'll tell you about ARCHANGEL PATTI and why she's an archangel in stead of still being my sister-in-law.   Meanwhile, READ THIS

#blogboost  #stroke

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Announcing the Grand Opening of ElfCloset

It's hard to believe that 12 years ago this little venture called Ebay would result in a family full of entrepeneurs! When I started on Ebay Jordan was only 6 years old, through the years she has helped in the family business not only with helping pick out cool stuff but assisting in the shipping and photography departments as well.

Now here we are with a second generation Ebayer! Her id is ElfCloset - this is due to her tiny size and her nickname of Elfy.

She is specializing in trendy teen fashions, and boy does the girl have an eye for finding this stuff!

Check out her great Back To School Fashions!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Favorite Skin Treatment - From Kat's Kloset

I've blogged about this before on my personal blog ONLINE SELLING about these hand cream I got from Kat's Kloset last year (disclaimer here - Kat, like all of the folks involved with the DSRS blog is a friend of mine... so I'm biased in her favor and the favor or anything she tells me to try...) but mindless loyalty aside I love this stuff >> Glycerine Hand Therapy. 

My hands, partially due to heredity and more probably due to a hypoactive thyroid are extremely dry. In fact, my skin in general is dry.  To the point that in the past, it hurt. So when Kat sent me a sample I tried it as soon as I opened the box.  And I love it.  I'm particulary fond of the Camille scent. (I like all the others but my husband does not like "perfumes" and complains so Camille is best here since it's a much gentler scent)

This is the "tub"  but it comes in tubes also and I see at the moment that she has the Unscented on sale along with the Tuscan Honey, French Vanilla and Mango Beach !

Try it, you'll like it - and while you're there, although these are not on sale they are to die for because they are soooo comfortable (I have the CASUAL style)..get yourself a pair of these  Convertible Shoes -  One Soles  and look at all the "tops" you can get to change to.  I have the Butterfly tops already and I want the Las Vegas ones for my trip next year and the Santa one for Chrismtas and the Easter ones...and the animal prints... oooh...

This-n-that-Freeland Enterprises presents MORE END OF SUMMER SALE GOODIES!!

Because so many of our members are participating and this is a much shorter sale, I'm going to profile each one today, briefly and then send you off to explore their eBay store on your own. 

First up today is This-N-That-Freeland-Enterprises.  This store is owned by my friend Marion. She's got quite a few "crafting" items on sale like these craft kits (and also some crafting books )  but she also has some "car parts" listed as well.

Like a lot of us on OBS (a closed yahoo group) Marion has some Little Golden Books listed but Marion is "crafty" and she loves to make these beaded necklaces (among other things) and she has several others listed as well.

You simply can't go wrong shopping with This-n-That so stop in and browse this week while the sale is on - remember the sale ends at Midnight on Tuesday so don't dawdle!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Nicaluck's is offering a 20% discount during our END of SUMMER Sale. They have an amazing range of vintage items, antiquarian books, some china (some delicious Blue Ridge, some glass but this store also used to specialize in Gaither CD's  maybe if we hunt under the table we'll find some left  overs?

Pat who runs the store, has been in a lot of different jobs - she's been a TV show host and an auctioneer, among other things.

She has this lovely breakfast set on sale - which is hand painted and marked with a green crown (recognize that? then please tell us in the comments)

She also has this Cherokee pot in auction -

(no bid so far...quick you might get it for just $19.99)

and then there are books  Look at all of these! Well obviously you can't look at all of them so how about just the Community Cookbooks?

So, please visit and bring a friend, bring your truck..oh no...never mind that truck part, she'll pack them up and ship them right to your door!! 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Acquisatory - Harmony Kingdom End of Summer Sale

I told you Tueday about our End of Summer sale and about most of the eBay sellers participating but here are a couple of more with some links.  OMG here goes my whole budget. LOL

HARMONY KINGDOM -  This account is managed by one of my friends, eBetsy of eBay Radio and eBay Radio Party fame.  But she's a trading assistant for a jewelry seller who has the most gorgeous things and also carries the Harmony Kingdom gifts.
I'm really enchanted by these Pot-Bellied Cats

But then there are these (and wouldn't they make great gifts for the office for Christmas?) from Lord Bryon's Harmony Garden ! (and there are 30+ versions listed so no two gifts will be the same!)

OR there are the RolyPolys... (I love these ... see what I meant about my budget being blown to bits with a cannon in this shop?)  (isn't this poodle just the cutest thing? His name is Beau Brummel)

This is BRANDO - Rolypoly dog
This is Curly - the Rolypoly pig.

OK now I have to go work to earn enough to buy all of these before you get there.   Check back soon, because there are more good items on sale both at The THE AQUISATORY and some of our other sellers.  I'll be back to tell you about them shortly

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our End of Summer - Back to School Special Sale!

Graphics courtesy of

Well, we had so much fun in July with the "Christmas in July" sale we decided to do it again - So in August, we'll be running a sale, from 12:01 AM on August 4th thru midnite on August 10th in members stores.  

Percentages will vary and each "store" offers different products.  Here are the members participating and you can also search on eBay by title and description (click that radio button) for #OBSGRP. (or you can search Twitter for that too and find us.  

Now, here are our trusted sellers -
1. KatsKloset on eBay is offering 15% off all Camille Beckman Products (and you'll love this line - the glycerin hand therapy is awesome! I use it exclusively for my painfully dry hands)

2. Birdhouse Books is offering 16% STOREWIDE!  This store has one of the largest selections of vintage children's book,  ephemera and paper collectibles on eBay.

3. Like videos?? 20% off on Familynitemovies  -  lots of Family and Child-friendly videos there and then if you prefer more ADULT Content and are over 18 - 15% off on adult videos at Video-Town

4. 5% off EVERYTHING in the store at Freeland Enterprises

5. 11% discount on selected products at DepressionGlassWarehouse includes books, pottery and ephemera

6. Nicaluck's is offering a 20%  discount during the sale. They have an amazing range of vintage items.

7. Kdmore-Crafts-and-More is offering 10% off on custom made blankets, lap-robes and throws!

Now Don't Forget - stay tuned because later this month, we'll be moving the sale to "off-ebay" venues like Bonanzle, eCrater, eTsy and Ruby Plaza.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little Golden Books Live On and On

There's just something about Little Golden Books. Maybe it's memories from my childhood? Maybe it's the artwork ot the authors. I always love to find these treasures and sell them in my ebay store My Moms Books.

Little Golden Books were initially published in 1942 by Simon and Schuster and sold for .25 cents. In 1958 Simon and Schuster sold it’s interest to Western Printing and Lithographing Company. In 2001 Random House acquired Golden Books for about 85 million dollars.

The first 12 books published in 1942

1. Three Little Kittens illustrated by Masha

2. Bedtime Stories illustrated by Tibor Gergely

3. Mother Goose

4. Prayers for Children illustrated by Eloise Wilkin

5. The Little Red hen

6. Nursery Songs by Leah Gale

7. The Alphabet from A to Z by Leah Gale

8.The Poky Little Puppy illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren

9. The Golden Book of Fairy Tales by Winfield Hoskins

10. Baby's Book of Objects

11. The Animals of Farmer Jones by Leah Gale

12. This Little Piggy and Other Counting Rhymes by Phyllis Maurine Fraser

I know some wonderful ebay stores who like Little Golden Books as much as I do. Stop by often for their ever changing inventory   (right click on store name, click OPEN IN NEW WINDOW to go to the store without closing this blog!)