Monday, May 31, 2010

Do You Have Any Diapers?

This week I have been listing some vintage baby items in mymomsbooksattic

As you know when we list we check out what similar items sold for on ebay. My wasn’t I pleasantly surprised when I saw vintage boxes of Pampers from the 1970-1980 era worth money. New in sealed boxes. Now who would still have those hanging around the attic?

Vintage Pampers Toddler Diapers Unopened 12 pack 43 BidsSold $227.50

Vintage Huggies Ultratrim diapers for him step 4 Buy It Now Sold $59.99

Not in My Moms Book Attic!

I just never thought to keep a few boxes to sell in 20 plus years. Who would want these, they were pre sticky tab era, remember we had to struggle getting Diaper Pins thru the disposable diapers. Of course it was our finger that got pricked not our precious babe.

We are always pleasantly surprised where research will take us and what we learn in the journey. So keep your eyes peeled while you are out Garage Sailing….
“Where the shelves are full”

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jeanette Cates - 30 Day Blog Challenge -- Who's in?

Okay...I'm being kind of a bad girl today because I had sort of promised myself I would stay off the computer for the next few days (my iPhone doesn't count!) to A) take a break from the Internet world B) Hope my back (which has been bothering me for about three days) would feel better if I wasn't hunched over the keyboard for hours at a time.

Anyway, I'm glad I checked my emails because someone from the OBS group mentioned this great challenge that Jeanette Cates is doing. A 30-day blog challenge!

(The title of my post should also get you there too!)

Now...lately...I have actually been pretty good about blogging. Not every day, but much better than I was doing....but I haven't been consistent. I also am still floundering somewhat about what direction my blog should'm hoping that over the next 30 days - I will find my voice and my way.

So....if you are up for the challenge - sign up at her site and let me know, so I can follow your blog! Until then....back to the heating pad and the couch!

Friday, May 28, 2010

eBay Radio Party in Vegas, Baabbee

The eBay Radio Talk Party in Las Vegas is just a few weeks away. This is the 7th Anniversary party held by Griff (Jim Griffith) and Lee Meribal and eBetsy.

This event is held on June 23 & June 24th, with two full days of fun and informative learning experience for all new or old eBay sellers.

The group has again found special rates of $89.00 per night at the Paris Hotel, where this event will be held.
Registration discount rates are from June 20th - June 25th. Spend the whole week in Vegas, or register for June 22nd - June 24th at the Paris Hotel Registration Link, or call: 1-800-266-5687 and use the group code SPEBA0 (last character is a zero).

Must register first for the eBay Radio Talk 7th Anniversary Party before registering for the hotel.
Another full two days is only a few weeks away.

Here is a list of great speakers that are lined up.

  • John Lawson - Making Your Business on eBay "Bigger Badder and Better"

  • Cliff Ennico - Tax and Legal Answers for your business on eBay
  • Lynn Dralle - Product Sourcing and Sales Strategies

  • Janelle Elms - Making "Best Match" Work for You

  • Marsha Collier - Why Customer Service Online is the New Marketing

  • Debbie Levitt - Stores and Listings Designs that Make the Sales

  • Cindy Shebley - Facebook for Business

  • C.J. Jacinto - How to Be a Trading Assistant
  • Melinda Jackson - Starting a Sellers Meetup Group
  • Bryan Goodman - eBay AdCommerce for Your Business
  • Tim Chapman - Mr. Customer Service
  • The Answer Man - Answering your questions about your business on eBay
  • Sponsors include: ShipRush, Doba and PageMage with more to come!
There will be drawings from various speakers, prizes for Best eBay Outfit…Furthest Distance Traveled…Oldest and Newest eBayer…a Griff & Lee Soundalike Contest…Speed eBaying…and a few surprises.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Party in Kansas City with Bonanzle

After raising $1 Million bucks from Angel Investors and announcing it last week, this week Bonanzle has some more great new for its users. The 2010 Bonanzle Up has just been announced, and this on is going to blow last year out of the water!!!
It’s that time of year – time to get together and celebrate the internet’s fastest growing marketplace. Bonanzle Up 2010 Exploding Forward will be held in Kansas City, Mo on August 7th at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel.
Your browser may not support display of this image. This full day event will include fantastic eCommerce presentations, information, fun and more. Bonanzle Up 2010 is everyone’s opportunity to network, learn and meet the Founder and CEO of Bonanzle, Bill Harding.

Pictured above left to right are: Judy Oglesby, Bill Harding, Phaedra Stockstill and Kathy Simpson
For a complete outline of events and registration, visit the dedicated Bonanzle Up 2010 page on Bonanzle Boardroom.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bears just wanna have fun!

Two bears roaming our little town of Hammond, NY., cute and harmless as can be. They love suet cakes and bird seed and that is why they're attracted to me. He stands about 6 feet and runs when you holler. They say mama bear scoots them off when they are about 2 years old...she has started another family, with her cub running through the village in the next town over.

WELL! that's what M said and she lives in Hammond. ME? I think like all the rest of us who "work at home" he just got the mid-afternoon munchies and didn't ahve anything left from last fall. So he went out "grocery shopping" and found M's birdfeeder. Fortunately I live nearer to Phila and we rarely have black or brown bears in the yard. Gosh wouldn't that scare the skunk?

Yes OUR lives are a soap opera, now all we have to do is sell the story to the Soap Opera Channel

5-18-2010  UPDATE !! Poor silly bear - he just wanted some munchies and ended up dead Bear Shot

Sunflower Apron

My good friend, Raquel, has a newly remodeled kitchen with sunflower theme and colors. I love her happy kitchen! For Mother's Day I gave her an apron that I had printed with one of my original sunflower oil paintings on it and right above is her name. Doesn't she look cute?

I'm debating whether to add aprons to my etsy shop. They're so much fun to design. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to find a company, other than CafePress who will do these. I need my art print applied and a name right above. Does anyone know of a company who would do the whole apron for me? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Maria Soto Robbins

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ya Gotta Try This~!!

Not happy with your current listing software? What? You aren't using any software to list? Ok I'm putting in a major plug for AuctionWizard2000!

I have been using this software since I can remember, years! It has always paid for itself tenfold! I have tried many others including ebay's own Blackthorne product, but for user friendliness and getting started right away this one can't be beat!

You can edit your photos right there in your listing
You can make your own cool templates!
You can stock inventory
You can do all your emailing, accounting and record keeping right there in one spot!

and let me tell you, their customer service is second to none! You get prompt helpful PERSONAL answers, I just received my answer from the president of the company himself!

I really can't say enough good about it and encourage anyone contemplating a change to give it a try - 60 days free trial! I bet you fall in love!!

ps... no I don't get anything for the plug, I am just so darn happy with this software over and over and over!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Still Missing: Brian Wehrle

Back in October I mentioned that my friend's brother disappeared.
At the time, I was pretty well convinced that he had taken off on his own. Brian has always been known as the moody type and I could just see him deciding that he needed to go chill out on a beach somewhere and if he was in his "Diva Mood", he would have even been amused that people would be worried about him.
It is May now, however, and he is still missing. His car turned up in Chattanooga, Tennessee a few months ago. It was parked in a Cul-de-sac by an African-American and left there.
The sister that I told you about in my other post, has now been to three psychics. The last one got images that he has "crossed over" and is in a field somewhere. There is a reward for information about his disappearance and at some point America's Most Wanted is going to do a story about him, in hopes that some leads will come in.
I love a good mystery, but being on the fringe of a real one -is a bit surreal to me. I still say all the wrong things (I told you I thought the sister was mad at me... she was). My brain just has too much trouble sorting out that we aren't talking about a television show where all the red herrings and clues are going to bring the killer to justice and closure to the family. I feel the need to analyze everything, wondering why there's not more being done and the mystery writer in me wants to speculate about what happened and who could have done such a heinous thing.
Anyway, the people the family is working with have been told that they need to keep getting the word out. New flyers are being made, the segment on America's Most Wanted will be filmed and aired at some point (there is a backlog of stories to be made...who knew?) and there is now a reward being offered for information.
Below is his information - as mentioned the car has been found, but the real life mystery of where he is and what happened to him, for now, at least...remains.
Brian Wehrle - Last seen in Carrollton, GA driving a '92 blue Buick Lesabre on Wednesday night/Thursday morning 9/23-24. Any information goes to the Carrollton PD (770) 834-4451

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Lessons We Learn While Shipping Books

I recently just made the biggest decision of my life... learning that I would be moving to a new state and having to do so alone (husband was already there starting a new job) the decision was to sell everything I owned and start over.
OK so almost everything, a true pack rat/hoarder at heart there were some things I could not bring myself to part with, most of them were books!

I have been a book collector for many years and had literally thousands of them, I really don't think I'm exaggerating, just ask my family! A large part of my collection included reference books. I have spent the last 10 years accumulating books on antiques and collectibles to reference in my online selling, and to part with these was an absolute not gonna happen!

So I decided to ship the books to myself via media mail. Each box could weigh up to 70 pounds. I shipped a total of 10 boxes of books to myself for a total poundage of approximately 650 pounds (never did get that 70 pound limit met).

Here's what I learned:

1. When packaging books together in a box make sure you PACK the box so there is no wiggle room whatsoever. Reason for this is if the books can move, they can damage the box ultimately ripping it open at some point along the way.
2. When taping go all the way around and around the box, I firmly believe this saved at least 3 of the boxes from breaking apart. Do not spare tape!
3. Use delivery confirmation - and if any books have great value get insurance!
4. Have an inventory list of what is in each box - I did not do this - one of the 10 boxes broke open and arrived half full (or half empty if you are a pessimist), I do not know what is missing and probably will never figure it out til the day I go to look for that special book.

All in all I must say this was a cost effective way to get books shipped, total cost was approximately $220 give or take - that is for literally hundreds of books!

I'm still grieving over having to let go of a huge portion of my collection, many I was going to eventually find time to list (clearing throat), but I am happy to have all the boxes here that I kept.

Stay tuned for more on the moving saga and the stuff!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Discontinued HOT LIST OUT

Suzanne Wells AKA The eBay Coach, regularly releases her 'Hot List' of drugstore/grocery store items to buy and resell on eBay.

The vast majority of these items are discontinued products that their desperate users will pay 3 and 4 (or more) times the retail price to buy their favorite products.

These 'Hot Items' usually have a short 'shelf-life' by which I mean that once the majority of eBay sellers discover them, the market will flood and they will no longer be profitable. So if this is a product sourcing opportunity that appeals to you - go get it NOW! 

Here's a teaser . . . one of the products is a discontinued candy item that is usually clearanced for $1 a bag or less and recently sold on ebay for $14!!

So check it out and purchase your copy at this post on Suzanne's Blog

Saturday, May 1, 2010

We've been Featured!!

So I got a message and we've been featured on the jewelry making supplies blog - which is quite nice since this blog is a community effort - sometimes we wonder if anyone else but our group "sees" us. So nice to know they do! Please check them out here - Jewelry Making Supplies