Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays, Folks!

Shalmar, Mijmy, Ave, Weldon, and Grand,
from my family to yours:
Happy Holidays!


Can you believe it is almost here!

Tomorrow I will be in a crazy frenzy as I rush from place to place doing Pet Sits (in my other life I am a Professional Pet Sitter) and last minute shopping as I fight traffic and wonder if I'm forgetting anything or anybody....

So - today as it is the calm before the storm --- I wanted to take a deep breath - relax for a moment and wish you all a very happy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Let the festivities begin!

The Soap Opera comes to RADIO near you!


Tuesday 12/23 at 1 PM EST.

For the first time ever, the bloggers of this soap opera will appear live in your computer! We're talking about YOU, and us and ebay and other venues and the SOAP OPERA THAT IS OUR LIVES!! Come on in and get out of the cold, grab some hot chocolate and brainstorm with us for an hour.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bonanzle - Look what I Found!

I hope most of you have discovered BONANZLE by now! It's my favorite NEW selling venue and is growing by leaps and boudns! Today I discoverd that they have a BLOG for Bonanzle fans to keep up with the new features it seems they are adding Daily! Bonanzle Blog and, the exciting announcement that led me there? Bonanzle now enables sellers to offer COUPONS to their buyers!
Read Here: Coupons on Bonanzle So sellers, check it out and let's bring the buyers to us!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The weather outside is frightful...

It's 12 degrees at Shelmars and Mijmy's. It's so cold, Weldon can not get downstairs to the Way station, 'cause there closed!!!

Poor Ave is at Kribcers, the cafe' where she works...it's only around the corner, but we hope she doesn't get frost bit on this cold, dark night...

The grand is snuggled all comfy on the couch, while Mijmy flipped through channels...just like a grouch! Now, why be grouchy when it's almost Christmas day?

Well, he's upset 'cause there isn't enough money for Christmas; again! Yea, sure, Shelmar has made each family member something; but Mijmy could not give Shelmar any money for extras: (in other words, he's getting nothing for Christmas THIS year!)

Shelmar is in front of her 'puter, all cosy and warm, 'cause she has a secret caught in her heart. Even though there ain't much to go round now, soon, very soon, the stockings will be full of good cheer!

You see, she also was in this contest mentioned before, and won the listing Queen crown...for listing, of course!

What happens when you list? Well, you sell, sell sell! You make money for presents for your loved ones to get. Then you wrap them all in silence... with a smug feeling of glee, 'cause you know you've got what everyone wanted to see!

The grand, with visions of sugar plums dancing in her head, said "Pappy, what is Nana doing with all the presents she has hid at my house? Well, Mijmy arose from the couch with such a clatter, Shelmar sprang from her computer to see what was the matter!
"What PRESENTS do you have hidden at Ave"s" he ask in a hush.

Why, the presents I bought when I got paid for my sales! You did not ask me if I had had sales, you just told me I'd have to figure out something to make for most of our gifts...

They where all so happy later that night, when Mijmy declared" Shalmar saved our Christmas! What a delight!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just eBaying along when...

Shelmar was listing like a crazy person, when all of a sudden...the computer died!Now, the day before, she had spent the ENTIRE day cleaning it out, running tests, etc. Why, well because, eBay was running a half price special for two days.

She wanted to be able to list fast with Auctiva free listing , so she cleaned out her cookies, run all sort of tests. Then, she told everyone in the house NOT TO TOUCH the computer!

Do you think they listened? NO! When the computer died, Shelmar roared "WHO was on the computer? It Crashed! Crashed like I'm gonna crash your heads"!!!

Mijmy ran to the van; Ave ran back to work; Weldon came up from the Way Station and said" What's the matter with Mom?" The very plants where quaking in there pots.

The pore grand, who ave left standing when Shalmar roared, started crying, " Nana, it was me and mommy" she said. "What? You and Ave where on the computer after I asked you all not to be?" asked Shalmar, in a tightly controlled roar.

"Yes Nana. Mommy said it will not hurt, we where only going to plat candy land. It's all my fault!" She cried. "Please don't crash my head, Nana!".

Shalmar, grumbling, hugged her grand, and promised to let her and her mom live. BUT, she needed Weldon to take her out of the office, so she could work on the computer in piece.

It took 2 days, and several downloads of virus cleaners, before Shalmar was not able to go back on eBay and list. But, she's listing them on Bonanzle right now!

And so, goes another day in the life of an online seller.

A Day in the Life of the "Listing Queen"

MOTIVATION is everything, right? So, some friends and I decided to have monthly contests and declare a 'Listing Queen' each month (this was BEFORE we had a few token (LOL) Male members). THIS is the crown and this is a day in the life of the Current Full-Time (we have different divisions in our contests!) Listing Queen!

the first Photo shows our Beautiful Listing Queen at the latest James Bond Flick with her dearly beloved celebrating date night!

And here is our Busy (body) Queen chairing a meeting of the local Online Sellers in Colorado Springs - looks like she means business with that sceptor, er club.

Here she is diving into today's incoming mail pile - what is that saying about a messy desk?  

Now, here she is in all her glory trying on the royal crown and sceptor for size - Look out world!

Wanna join the contest?  Email for details and YOU could win this fabulous crown for your very own (well, for a month, anyway!)