Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Get a Husband Where You Want him To Be

Someone asked on an ebay board about how to get her husband to go to the Doctor which she thought he needed to do. And he'd already refused, repeatedly. Now we have a husband in Tn who won't go to the ER after a car accident so I thought I'd share a method my mother perfected. She never really had to use it cause the threat of it was enough to make most people do whatever you were asking them politely to do.

Follow the steps:
1. Buy several rolls of duct tape and a handtruck.
2. Wait until the person is sleeping.
3. Put duct tape around their ankles so they can't run.
4. Put duct tape around the hands so they can't escape and run
5. Put Duct tape over their mouth so you don't have to listen to their whining and moaning about "why are you doing this to me"?
6. Stand them upright on the handtruck. This might take manuevering but YOU can do it, I know you can. Do not put them on the handtruck in a headdown position,no matter how severely tempted you might be. Two reasons - Puke and Balance. They will puke and they will be hard to keep balanced as most people's heads are not flat on top. There are some exceptions but it's not worth chancing.
7. Duct tape them to the handtruck.
8. Now if the doctor or hospital is close enough, just roll 'em on in. Otherwise load them in the truck, van or the trunk of your car.
Call ahead to the doctor's office to get help unloading.
9. Roll 'em right in to the examining room. Do NOT release them or you'll end up walking home when they escape and take the car and leave you there.
10. Roll 'em home. I'd be tempted to leave them taped to the handtruck, until they took all the medicine the Dr. prescribed but that's up to you because then you have to hose them down occassionally and that leaves water all over the kitchen floor.

Be prepared for several weeks of frosty silence and no sex.
Which is not as bad as it sounds actually.

Monday, January 19, 2009

First Success! I Have A Kloset!

Okay, I know that ONLY eBay sellers will appreciate photo number 2 - a closed closet, ahhhhh. but see, how long has it been since you've been able to close your doors? Been quite awhile for me on this particular closet, LOL.

and photo 1? that's an organized closet, believe it or not. I can FIND stuff now, LOL and I through out a trash can full of boxes I'd been saving but just too many. To see the before photos of what this area looked like, click and check out my Picasa album!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

THE Pictures that STARTED it ALL!

Ladies and Gentlemen, THESE are the pictures that started our GROUP REORGANIZATION PROJECT! Our friend Trish had the courage to post these pictures and we all jumped in with out own. So here are the BEFORE Pics of Trishs' office! AFTER photos coming as soon as you readers BUG us enough, LOL

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just Some Stuff

So you wonder why my store name has Stuff in it eh? I have lots of stuff, plenty of stuff! UDDERLYGOODSTUFF! Yep that's what it is and it is all loaded in my garage.
So these are my before pictures as I get ready to undertake a major organizing venture.
The first pic is where I keep my online store inventory, packing supplies and incoming stuff.
The second pic is where I store stuff for my real live antique fairs and flea markets.
The plan today is to run to Home Depot for supplies to build my new shelf in the far back which will house all the Christmas tubs that are still laying around the house! Stay tuned for updated pics!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Well I guessed it was about time I started this blog. And no better time to start it then with the OBS Challenge of Reorganizing our Home Offices.

Originally my office was in one of the spare rooms on the second floor of my house. But that room also housed my Grandson`s bed (for sleepovers) AND my sewing machine and all the Fabric I use to make what I sell on ebay.

Which is primarily Blankets and Pillows for Children`s Beds. But I also will sell just about anything that`s NOT Nailed down (hubby`s words NOT mine) as long as I can make money on it.

When my husband got too jealous of all the time I was spending upstairs on the computer working on ebay, he and my 2 Grown sons got together Christmas of 2007 and bought me a LapTop.

Now the laptop is in the Livingroom, which is where hubby is each night after coming home from working 12 hour days 4 days a week.

And along with the Laptop came alot of my ebay "stuff" into the Livingroom.

See this is where I can set up my photos, and research my NON Sewing items that I sell and then sit down next to him on the couch ( that is when there`s nothing on the couch waiting to be listed ) and work away so he doesn`t complain that he never sees me anymore.

So this is how my livingroom "office" looks now.

If I can manage to get some of the "stuff" listed and out of here and not bring anymore in haha I`ll post the after pictures.


Those crazy DSR Sellers are at it again! One of the group decided that January was a great month to make a real effort to reorganize our offices. So in the next few days, we will each be posting our BEFORE photos and then you can bug us about getting our AFTER pictures loaded. This, my dear readers, is Kat's Kloset, LLC headquarters! It's a bit overwhelming! the REST of the photos for BEFORE are online in all their glory and can be seen here:
Picasa Showcase

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another DSR's of our lives update

The life of an ebay seller is very hard lately. We have to work much harder to give our buyers a better deal than anyone else.
If Google would cooperate, well it might help. But they dont.So, I rely on Bonanzle...which is a selling site that I happen to love. They dont do auctions, but they do fixed price. Most of my ebay store items can also be found there.AND, the fees are much better.
Ebay needs to take a lesson on how to treat their buyers. Bonanzle has a customer service dept that is second to none! Always quick responses..but best of all, Bonanzle will send your items to Google!!EBay..take a lesson from this!!
As to the happenings in my house...and the sewer pipe...well..there are 2 that are on the reserve list for the sewer pipe.
Why you might ask?? Because I tried to be nice, we have 2 families living in my house..seating in the living room was Saturday, I found a great deal on a sectional gave me more seating and I was able to give away our old couch..and freecycle got the recliner!
Did my dear hubby appreciate what I did??????????? Heck no!! I even made sure that it was delivered BEFORE his beloved Titan's playoff game...
Oh well, I got my new couch, and they will just have to live with it!!
Who is the boss around here anyhow! Well we all know, its ME!
Come on ebay buyers!!! Get with the program and buy my items! Great glass at very low prices, books of all name it, I might just have it..
Cross your fingers yall.............for my income to improve greatly( my secret hope is to become a power seller and get all those discounts...)
and for my family to get their act together and realize who is boss and to avoid that sewer pipe..its filling up fast and taking reservations now!!
Have a great selling day y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm blogging today over at my own blog "Sushiboofay's" so make sure to check out my first entry of the year!

THE PLAN (over there) is to blog every day (well, it was suppose to be FOR THE YEAR, BUT...since this is the FIFTH already....) and I would like to get as creative as Kat (one of our members here!) and have a picture a day too.

Alas - my intentions are usually good - but despite having a big blue sticky that even now stares me in the face from the top of my computer with the single word BLOG on it...I forget to do it....

Anywhoo, I hope everyone has survived the holiday rush, your Ebay sells were up and your weight stayed down!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may this be your best year ever!!!!!