Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything Part 2

A Little Bit of Everything Part 2

Well I have really been Lazy adding to my blog here and I am sorry for that. I hope this new installment makes up for it :>)

Todays subject is Blankets for little Girls..

I have a Huge inventory of different fabrics for the Feminine ones and it made it very difficult to
decide which ones I am going to focus on today..

So I`m going with the most Popular which is Disney Princesses and Ariel along with a few others.

First is a Beautiful Panel featuring Cinderella in the Center with her friends Belle and Sleeping Beauty along side her.

The Panel is 36" wide and 44" long.. It`s 100% Cotton

On the backside I will u
se a Pretty Pink Cotton.. And when it`s finished there will be a Pink Satin Blanket Binding all around the edges..

This is one of the Most Requested Blanket at Christmas time.

Then I have some Very Soft Flannel with the Princesses Faces on it..

Again, the back will be a Pretty Pink and will be edged in Satin Blanket Binding

This blanket when finished will measure 38" x 46"

Next I have
a Collage of Princesses on a 100% Cotton Fabric ..You can see from the picture here,

the Pretty Pink Satin Blanket Binding that I used to finish this one

It measures 38" x 46" finished..

And last but NOT least is Little Mermaid "Ariel"

She is one of my Granddaughters Favorite and quite popular with the 4-8

Year old Group
Ariel is in an Ocean of Bubbles here ..Fabric is 100% Cotton..

On the back of this I will use a Pale Blue Cotton..

To compliment Ariels hair color, a Bright Orange Satin Blanket Binding

looks Fantastic with this one

Finished measures 38" x 46"

So these are just a FEW of the Fabrics I have for little girls.. I have lots of others ie.. Hello Kitty

Dora The Explorer - Care Bears - Tinkerbell and then for the TWEENAGERS I have

Hannah Montana and High School Musical with a Special Flannel Fabric with Just TROY on it..

I will be happy to answer any questions anyone has about my Blankets, which you can find more

at my ebay store, http://stores.ebay.com/KDMORE-CRAFTS-AND-MORE?REFID=STORE

and share more pictures with you, you can email me @ kdmore99@sbcglobal.net

Next installment soon on "Blankets for the Grown Ups"

Stay tuned :>)

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