Sunday, October 13, 2013

Breast Cancer Research - Blingmybra!!

So what you ask, is Bling My Bra?? After all it's October and everyone knows about Pink October right?


Ok, here's the drift... in October lots of folks, big ones, small ones, corporate ones, unincorporated ones, male ones and female ones, in all ages, sizes and colors, raise money for Breast Cancer Research, Education, prevention and the hunt for a cure.  And we do it in PINK!

So 4 years ago, 75 of my closest friends and relatives and enemies banded together and we started a fundraiser on eBay called BLING MY BRA.  For which many of those crafty, sewing, creative types "blinged" a bra.  They decorated them by theme, by memories, by hand.

We auctioned something like 90 bras the first year and in 2009 raised over $3000.  The 2nd year, we raised more like $5000 and the 3rd year again.  Then we rested.  But this year, we came back in a small way.

We had just 34 bras to start with and we're only auctioning them until October 15.  So if you want to help by bidding on one, you have to do it quick!! Like NOW!!!   Because we're done sometime Tuesday night!!

Please go to  BLING MY BRA  and bid... bid soon and bid often!! Give til it hurts because losing an important person in your life to this disease?? that hurst more...way more.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall and Winter is Blogging Season

Fall and Winter are not normally associated with blogging but to me they are. Spring and summer are such a  busy time and most of my days are spent outside.  I love that the days stay light so late and enjoy many activities all season long with both friends and family.

That brings me to fall and winter which I also love but for very different reasons. I love the cool weather and dark nights that force my family indoors. We eat dinner earlier and have a nice evening ahead of us unlike the summer when it stays light until 9 pm and no one wants to be inside for any reason.

So to me Fall and Winter are blogging months when I can sit and relax in the evenings and enjoy writing. I have started a blog for the items I list for sale on eBayBook Corner Cafe where write about many things and here on our group blog.

So you can follow me on these blogs as I enjoy the fall and winter season of writing posts and sharing until spring again gets here and I am busy outside.

Do you blog more in the fall and winter?