Saturday, February 7, 2009

50 Books...

I was just heading for bed when I made the mistake of reading my local county's website/forum.

One of the members posted that they made a resolution to read fifty books this year. I love to read and as I sat here thinking about this - I wondered if I made a list of fifty books - what books would I put on it?

I can tell you books I've read and loved -

The Devil Wears Prada

Bridget Jones Diary

The Alienist

Books I wanted to like, but didn't-

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Books I already have, but haven't got around to reading yet...



but....a list of fifty books....THAT is a little harder...

This is the year that is suppose to about ME though. Enriching my life, making myself a better person, taking time for me.

What better way to do this - then by reading?

So....I'm going to make my list over the next few days and I challenge anyone else that loves to read to do the same!

As an added bonus --- many of us in this group sell books on EBay, Biblio and Amazon....just think...if we get more people to commit to reading fifty books this year --- we could get more sells!

Now there's a novel idea...NOVEL get it! Ha-Ha...

So....anyone want to join me?