Monday, March 26, 2012

Stinky Boots

We love our dogs and they bring us pleasure it so many ways. One thing we differ on though is what smells good. We have a mostly black, some white, part australian shepherd named Boots. Boots is my special pal and about the only one I'll let outside our large yard fence because he never fails to come when I call to come in. He is a smart dog and seems to watch me almost constantly. BUT, one of Boot's chief joys in life is rolling in donkey poop! I went out to pick books to mail tomorrow and he went with me. I'm sitting at my computer and he is lying close beside me with a slightly wet shoulder. He is exuding peace and pleasure and pride in himself... that's not all he's exuding. The smell, wafting up to me, is a cross between donkey poop and wet dog. How can I scold him - he's so proud of himself. Carol -- Carol AT Abbyz Attic