Saturday, July 30, 2011

So the Moral of Last Week's Post was..........

To figure out your emergency back up systems needed. And I obviously FAILED cause yesterday and the day before, we had, 6 power outages of at least 10 min...a couple were hours.

PECO (Phila Electric Co) gets NO Props for fixing them because their employees are so darn obnoxious. I mean if I can see the line laying in the street, do you think they could at least send someone to figure out WHAT the line is?? nope..they have their crews out "trying to determine the source of the outage". Which means he's sitting at McDonald's having a burger... not fixing a darn thing.

I've said for years I wanted a generator.. I can't afford to do a whole house one but I could get a gasoline powered one for situations like this. I mean with no electricity you can't even read a book.

BUT I did have my "hand cranked" flashlight - purchased at the Golden Nugget Flea Market in Lambertville NJ for a mere $5 so I could see to call PECO every 5 min and complain...

So this month (and next month and probably the month after that...the object is to save enough for a BIG generator so I can run the Frig, the electric stove, my husband's C-Pap and one electric light...

WHAT is your emergency plan??

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disaster ALWAYS Strikes When You're NOT Ready

WE in OBS have been having a discussion for the last 2-3 weeks about emergency preparedness. Some of it revolved around the wild weather a lot of us experienced this last couple of months. Some of it revolved around 3-4 members who had folks in their family pass away unexpectedly and some of it revolved around a couple of us who had surgery - some scheduled or elective and some not.

So... I decided to share some resources with you over the next few weeks (days/months/years).

First of all, look around. Are you an eBay or eCommerce seller?? So who that you trust*, (* important qualification there...TRUST)has your passwords and ids and can step in and handle things at least thru a temporary shutdown, if, in the daze of heat exhaustion or flood of spring snow melt, you step out in front of a bus and can't take care of business yourself??

I had my 2nd total knee replacement in June. My husband ran things for a week..(well really more cause I came home with strep throat and didn't realize it for 2 weeks.). BUT, for reasons I'm not going to discuss, he only had the eBay/Paypal portion of my empire to deal with. I shut down Amazon, eCrater, Addoway and Bonanza for 3 weeks.. (means no $$ coming in but no problems either)

My son had my password code sheet with ALL the other membership sites, selling venues, mailing lists and "recreational stuff" like podcast signons for Talkshoe etc.

WHO HAS YOUR BACK??? find and train someone you trust..your spouse, your adult (over 15 ? child) your sister/brother/mother, bff,

HERE is a FEMA Guide To Emergency Preparedness to get you started

And here's a blog post about some folks who went thru a "weather-related" disaster of sorts but who used the lemons of bad weather to make lemonade with their customers orders...(ok that's stretching the analogy to the breaking point but read it's really interesting...besides they give good buys!)


And if you drop by their store and buy something - tell them you want the OBS discount! LOL (HI MARK and ROBYN)