Friday, September 24, 2010

Brian Wehrle Still Missing - One Year Later

Hard to believe, but it has been one year ago today since my friend's brother Brian Wehrle went missing. His car was found in Chattanooga last December, but their have been no new leads since then.

Although I expected they would probably do a candlelight vigil, when I talked to my friend on Monday she said that they weren't really planning anything special for today. Sounded like some of his brothers and sisters might have a quiet dinner with his life-partner. A way to let him know they still think of him as part of the family and to provide mutual comfort for all.

Anyway, I'm once again getting the word out that he is missing. Hopefully, someone - somewhere - will remember something or some new piece of evidence will turn up.

Information about a reward and way to contact the police is listed below~

A $10,000 reward is being offered -
Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact Johnson at 770-834-4451 or Det. Joe Shaw of the Chattanooga Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit at 423-643-5055. Callers who wish to remain anonymous can call Crimestoppers at 770-838-7867.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Bucks Keystone Kops try to capture a parrot!

So, locally someone posted a "lost Bird" poster all over the place. I mean every store in the shopping center has at least 2 - one on the door or window and one on the register area.

The bird who answers to a non-bird name like Charlie is a green parrot. He's been on the lam for over 3 weeks but today both my adult son and I spotted what we thought might be him,in the pine tree behind the house.

are indoor cats, declawed before we ever met them (all 4 wheels) but you'd think they were panthers the way  they've been carrying on.

Well their humans, my son and his father went out to try and entice this "bird" off the tree. Because? Because if it's Charlie the parrot there is a $1000 reward for nabbing him.

First of all, can I tell you the two vice-presidents here, Cosmo on the left and Max on top of my computer..., raised such a ruckus no bird in it's right mind would have come anywhere near the house unless, lassoed, knockedout and fricaseed.

We whistled, we chortled, we threw peices of bread in the air (well I did) and talked bird baby talk. And when the "suspect" came down within sight, it was a parakeet, not the green parrot with pink neck ring we needed to get the reward.

Where is the parakeet you ask? The last sighting had him still in my pine tree and he/she/it is making periodic forays down to the bird feeder for bird seed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo Challenge MY TOWN Auburn Alabama

We are actually located in Montgomery, Alabama but I wanted to send in this picture of my youngest son at the Auburn Campus for today's mission photo :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photo Challenge #1: My Town - Dallas, Georgia

I tried to take a photo showing what was DOWN my road, but it showed up in my email SIDEWAYS (what's up with that?).

Instead, I guess you will get to see what is directly across the street from me when you're standing in the driveway. Just before I took this - some geese were flying around over there. If I had took the photo a little more to the right - you may or may not have seen a lake (hard to see when the leaves are still on the trees unless you know where to look!).

MY TOWN - Jewett City CT

Most people will say, " Where the Heck is this ? "

Well Jewett City is a Borough of Griswold CT..

Griswold is considered to be on the Northeast Coast of CT. We are approximately 3 hours NORTH of Manhattan and 3 hours SOUTH of White Mountains of NH.

Both of which are a few of my Favorite Places to visit even though they are Totally Opposite ends of the spectrum..

Jewett City is very small, only about 3,000 people live here and I swear sometimes 3/4 of them are kids !

Including my 2 grandchildren who live next door.

Every year on the Saturday before Memorial Day, the town puts on an event which is called " Youthtopia" It is a Big Fair type event geered just for the kids in th
e town.

It is held in the Park, which borders my land, and there are all kinds of events for t
he younger generation including a DJ who of course plays the " kids music".

There are Face Painting Booths, Vendors with all the stuff the younger crowd wants like CD`s and T Shirts with Rock Groups on them, of course Food Booths with Popcorn and Cotton Candy and Snow
cones etc., and for the past 2 years there`s even been an Inflatable Climbing Rock Wall for them to try to defeat.

Here`s my 12 year old Granddaughter trying her best to get to the Top.

And the Highlight of the day every year is when the LIFESTAR Helicopter roar is heard overhead. The kids are amazed when it lands at the Park and then the Pilot and Co Pilot give all the kids a cha
nce to look inside as they are given a lesson on what Life Star is and how important it is to the Community.

What a Huge response every year for such a Small Town.

So that`s MY TOWN Folks !

Where do you live ? What`s Your Town Like ??

My town! Levittown Pa

This is a new group effort organized by sushiboofay, where we each post a picture or two each month on the same day of the month. Our day is the 15th of each month. And every month there is a theme. September's theme is MY Town.

Well here is my first effort

I should title this BORING SUBURBAN STREET.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lest We Not Forget......

Tomorrow morning will mark the 9th anniversary of one of America's most tragic events. So I'm going to take this moment to veer away from the hustle and bustle of our lives, our businesses and our recreation to get everyone who reads this to stop and and remember the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives and the thousands more who had their worlds turned upside down due to this loss.

I also want to have everyone remember the strength America showed as a nation, no matter race, religion or political preference we all stood together in agreement that our America had been wronged, that we as a Nation needed to stand together and show our support, I remember not even being able to find an American flag for sale, cars had flags attached, homes had flags waving, it was awesome.

So as we are here 9 years later, let us not forget we are that same America, that our power is in our deep love of this country that gives us the opportunity to have so much and to be free to pursue our dreams.

Let those that died on Sept 11 not have gone in vain but be honored with us all coming together if even for one day, in remembrance.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shipping Dilemmas? Solved!

Every online seller has parts of their job they love to do and other parts are a chore. Most love to shop for products, the thrill of a great find equals Christmas morning.

Taking the pictures isn't to bad with the right camera and location / lighting. Sometimes there is some prep though before we get to this step. Like cleaning and removing stickers. There are many products for that chore too. You may want to chime in and share in the comment section.

Step 3 is listing the item, not to bad when you are organized with a listing tool or a template to cut down on steps. Feel free to comment on your "Tool of Choice". Me, I like Turbo Lister and Art of Books, all with my templates set up.

Now your item has sold for big bucks! Back to the Christmas morning feeling. So how do you pack your item? This is the good part... I just found the tool of my dreams. It's a box sizer to make boxes fit your item with out stuffing them with unneeded filler. You can save a bit on weight but best of all it's so neat and compact when your done. It's so easy, I'm hooked.

They also have a hands on demo on You Tube

Thank You Bubblefast, Mark and Robin Le Vine, your company rocks with all your fine shipping products, they have it all.. No more shipping dilemmas!