Friday, September 11, 2009

Bonanzle Update ~ Increase Exposure...just a little something to help you out!

Hello folks!

I was reading some emails from a few of my friends in our group OBS.  Katarina:, was talking to 3 of my other friends, Deb: and Kathy kdmoretti. and Suz  : where discussing different ways to help generate traffic on Bonanzle. 

Now, if you have paid attention, you know we are not just a "group". We try to help each other, and you folks outside of our group. So, with permission, I am able to tell you what they had discussed. This is how we trouble shoot and solve problems. 

They where specifically talking about making lists on Bonanzle.Katarina said:"Creating a hand-picked list increases your views dramatically. I usually create one list a week.  I add one of my items to the list. (Bonanzle lets you add only one of your own.) This week it's  Avon:

Deb asked: "Do you have to be a paid subscriber to do that?". Katarina answered: "Nope  free. If you go to my bonanzle, under selling activities, there is a link to handpicked list" then she offered to  the list to add our 

Kathy M said: " I have lots of AVON items in my Boanazle booth Pick what you want for your list  Katarina added 3 of Kathys items to her list. Then Kathy Asked: "How long do the lists stay up ? "To which Katarina replied: " it stays up for 30 days but it needs to have 20 items to be featured...
...So if I make a list with 20 items and couple sell than with the 18 it never gets featured anymore. So everytime I make another list ( 1-2 a week) I check the older lists and if there ale less than 20 items I add whatever is needed."

Now, our friend Suz asked, " So they don't let you add to the list once you hit 20 and it sells down?... (the answer is no, )...I need to make some, I've been on some. Your idea to promote each other is good, we should share when we make these."

If you have a hand picked list and would like for me to add it to our blog, email me at or (Now, it might be a couple of days, so please be patient:>))

So, as you can see, because we share information, we learn good ideas on getting and maintaining exposure on Bonanzle. As a group, we do this about all sorts of venues.  I,ve got to get my butt over to bonanzle and get some new stuff listed; mine's been there so long they are probably growing mold!

Thank's for reading. Tune in next time when I tell you other trade secrets of the OBS Gang!



mymomsbooks said...

That's our OBS!

kdmoretti said...

Thanks for writing this Shell :>)

Great job and what an honor to be a Member of OBS and be a part of this. Thank You


Beth Cherkowsky said...

My best "handpicked list" wasn't on Bonanzle - it was on Yahoo when I picked you all to invite to the OBS group! What an inspiration I had that day!!

You all are a constant source of inspiration and persperation to me! (you make me work too hard! LOL)

Shell!! You're perfect for this job!

BookCornerCafe said...

Shell just perfect explaining this. You are awesome. Deb

@TheBoutique said...

Hand picked lists are an excellent way to gain exposure. And if they hit the front page, chances are they will even get tweeted by the Bonanzle Tweeter :)
When making your list, try to add a couple of extra items, these will fill in for you when one sells.
Tips to get your list on the home page:
Great Pictures - clear, gorgeous pictures are the number 1 criteria
Varity of Sellers - have each item from a different seller

Now I need to get over there and catch up, I have not made one in a while!