Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ebay On Location - Orlando Sept 8, 2001 - a little bit late

So I went to Orlando back in September for eBay's On Location event.  The one that was been promised to be in the NORTHEAST Quadrant of the US for the last 2 years.... yeah - don't hold your breath waiting for that.

So the mountain went to Mohammed.  And I had a darn good time. I met folks I only ever got to talk to online, including Granny Annie, Karen Locker (who was busy busy busy all the time) John Lawson, Larry Phillips, Melinda Jackson, Bev England..and those are the names I remember.  (pictures will get added as soon as I figure out where they are filed. I'd already met Kat Simpson but we got some "together time" - not as much as we needed for all the things we wanted to discuss but..hey we made do. 

I mention this now, a month later, because ?? Because eBay just posted the videos from there.  And the webinar content is great.  Here's the link..  I'll add my commentary later -