Monday, September 14, 2009

Maria Robbins Originals! or We have an artist among us...

We are fortunate in the fact that we have so many talented folks in our group. We have Dar, who not only is a talented Glass Guru, but also a very talented crafter! We where talking the other day about her hand made craft items on eBay.

Then, there is our Kathy who sews every little girls dream blankets & so much more! I'm sure you'll recall she has items on Bonanzle also. (I adore the Disney Cars blanket.)

Now, we have an actual artist of the first water! I am proud to say I know Maria. She is one of the newer members of our group, OBS (Online Business Success).

I have not had the pleasure, until now, of actually LOOKING at Maria's work. Oh sure, I went and watched her Original Geranium Floral Impasto Florida; because I wanted to see her work. But , I was in a hurry so I watched it so I could come back to it later. I do remember thinking how pretty it was.

So, today, I went to eBay and checked up on my watched items. Then I decided to look at her other stuff...Oh my! How pretty! Now, since I have the inside scoop. I know of other places she sells, like etsy. So, I went there. Look how real this sunflower pic looks! It's a 12 by 15 gessoed panel, in oil.

These are just a couple of things by the very talented artists I am so lucky to call "friends". Thank you all for such wonderful contributions to this world of ours. I see gifts in my families' futures.



Art-by-MSR said...

You're a sweetheart. Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog post! I'm the fortunate one here because I learn so much from the collective knowledge of everyone on this group. You're all awesome!

kdmoretti said...

Shell you are truly a Gem :>) Thanks for mentioning my work in this blog I appreciate it more than you can possibly know !

BookCornerCafe said...

Great blog post and I really enjoy reading what you write and I too went and looked at Maria's artwork and it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.