Monday, May 12, 2014

Amazon why do you confuse me so ??

About a year ago I took the "Amazon FBA plunge " and started sending in multiple boxes per week of inventory

When I first started I was very hesitant because of the learning curve. But I caught on fairly quickly in learning how to create and ship orders and soon began shipping 6-8 boxes at a time several times a week.

I was enjoying the "hunt" for products that would have a very lucrative ROI, and definitely was enjoying the $$ payout checks every 2 weeks

THEN oh boy THEN Amazon decided they were going to change the shipping procedure and threw a Monkey wrench into the works that definitely has FRUSTRATED me to NO end !!

What I want to know is HOW Amazon came up with this new plan and HOW does this make things easier or better for the seller ??

To create a shipment with 30 - 40 items in it ( many are multiples ) get everything ready to pack and ship, then have AMAZON tell me I NOW have 3 boxes with 10 items in each or worse than that, that I have 4 or 5 boxes with 7 or 8 things in each !!

This is NOT easier Amazon and definitely NOT " enjoyable " anymore

This is gonna be a HUGE learning curve for me..

One of The Most Beautiful Places I have Visited

Recently my husband and I drove from CT to Reno Nevada..One of the places we stopped at on our way, is Sedona AZ
Gorgeous Terra Cotta colored plateaus and buttes and rock formation are all around you as you drive through the city along Rt 89
The scenic drive along RT 89 will take your breath away with its beauty and splendor of just a little Piece of " America The Beautiful "

If you have been to Sedona, you will know exactly the feeling I`m talking about !

If you`ve never been there, put it on your Bucket list to see. Surely
one of the Most Beautiful Cities in the Southwest