Saturday, September 12, 2009

Share Some Time With Them

Did you know that this Sunday, September 13, is Grandparents Day? Yes, really. It's been held on the 1st Sunday after Labor Day since the legislation was passed by the U.S. Congress and proclaimed by President Carter in 1978. The very first Grandparents Day was held in West Viriginia in 1973 after many efforts by founder Marian McQuade.

Have you considered what you're going to do for your grandparents today? Are you going to surprise them with a phone call or maybe a visit if they're close by? I know you're busy and this is Sunday and you usually sleep in or have other activities planned, but it would mean a lot to them. They would love to hear from you.

Having trouble thinking what you could do for them? What about a home-baked treat? Remember those cookies grandma taught you how to make that summer you visited? What about baking some and taking them over and sharing that memory with her?

What about the time you and grandpa went fishing? You've still got the picture of your first fish from that day. Why not make a copy of that special picture and put in a frame (they're cheap at a dollar store if you're not into making frames), take it to grandpa and remember all the fun times you've had with him?

If you have little ones, you know grandparents like artwork to hang on their fridge. It doesn't matter that the little stick people don't look like the family or the little scribble like the dog, car or whatever else they tried to draw. Grandma and Grandpa will love it and think about your visit a long time after you leave. Just take some plain paper and crayons. You don't need to go high-tech for a picture. Sure you could add stamps or glitter, or picture cut outs, but you don't need to, it can be as simple as you want it to be. It'll be from Joan and Terry, that's all they need or want.

Grandparent's no longer living? Well, what about adopting some? There are many lonely elderly people. Some live their lives shut-in and don't get to see many real live people. Most of their world revolves around the tv, books, or the retirement home where they live. Believe me, most love to have visitors.

Where can you find some to adopt? Church, senior centers, retirement homes, convalescent homes. Afraid to go alone? Don't know how to start? Approach your pastor at church about an adopted seniors program or talk with the activities coordinator at the retirement homes about coming by yourself or with a small group.

A group coming to sing and share hand-made cards will do wonders. Some places (ask first!) will let you bring goodies or a small well-behaved animal to share. You can't imagine how wonderful it is getting to pet an animal for some of these folks who can't have them full-time where they are. They live for these visits.

Grandparents Day can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Just take a moment to tell them you care; they'll remember your efforts for a long time to come.

Enjoy your day!


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kdmoretti said...

Outstanding Blog Pam although I have to admit I got quite teary eyed reading this. My Grandparents are Long passed but I remember spending long summer days with Grandma swinging on the front porch swing and helping her hang laundry on the outside line and watching Gunsmoke with Grandpa on Sunday evenings.

I am a Grandma myself (4 times)and hope my Grandchildren will have fond memories of things we do together when I`m gone.

Thank You


Jimmy and Shell said...

Hi Pam! This is a great post. I, too, am missing my grandma. She had 13 children, my dad being one of them. My favorite memory? Watching that woman cook!She passed at the age of 99...
I, like our Kathy, am a grandparent Oh, excuse me...Nana!LOL My granddaughter and I have an even more special bond...she was born on my birthday! So, in 5 days, she will be 8 and I will be 50.WOW!Time flies.

Kat Simpson said...

Well, I'm a 'Nona' which is Italian for Grandma and I'm very happy to finally, after 4 years, be able to live in the same town to spoil my two beautiful grandbabies :) Thank you for the sweet post and excellent information and reminder, Pam !