Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top 5 Things I want on eBay..

Sometimes I like to dream.. dream about if money was not an object... what would I buy on eBay. Here is my top five.

1. Six Acre Private Hawaii

Who wouldn't want all of this with Ocean views?
Want to see for yourself? Go here

2. 2008 Dodge Sprinter Van

Who wouldn't want a 15 passenger van? I would use this to death..
Girl Scouts, Youth Group..and taking my kids and their friends places.
What to see this van? Go here.

3. Cole Haan Village Tote

I have this purse in black.. and LOVE it..
Want to check it out? Go here.

4. Melissa Shirley Candy Cane Santa Needlepoint.

I love to needlepoint.. and I love Melissa Shirley's designs.
Do you want to look at this? Check here.

5. Blue & Green Lamp work Bead Bracelet

I love these colors.. these are all hand made.. and simply beautiful
Check this out here.

So..what do you want on eBay today?

1 comment:

Jimmy and Shell said...

It's so much fun to daydream about stuff on eBay. I love the van, but OH the property in Hawaii? YEAH!!!!!I'm in! LOL