Monday, May 31, 2010

Do You Have Any Diapers?

This week I have been listing some vintage baby items in mymomsbooksattic

As you know when we list we check out what similar items sold for on ebay. My wasn’t I pleasantly surprised when I saw vintage boxes of Pampers from the 1970-1980 era worth money. New in sealed boxes. Now who would still have those hanging around the attic?

Vintage Pampers Toddler Diapers Unopened 12 pack 43 BidsSold $227.50

Vintage Huggies Ultratrim diapers for him step 4 Buy It Now Sold $59.99

Not in My Moms Book Attic!

I just never thought to keep a few boxes to sell in 20 plus years. Who would want these, they were pre sticky tab era, remember we had to struggle getting Diaper Pins thru the disposable diapers. Of course it was our finger that got pricked not our precious babe.

We are always pleasantly surprised where research will take us and what we learn in the journey. So keep your eyes peeled while you are out Garage Sailing….
“Where the shelves are full”

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Beth Cherkowsky said...

Well that will teach me to pass up these things at auctions or garage sales! LOL!