Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ya Gotta Try This~!!

Not happy with your current listing software? What? You aren't using any software to list? Ok I'm putting in a major plug for AuctionWizard2000!

I have been using this software since I can remember, years! It has always paid for itself tenfold! I have tried many others including ebay's own Blackthorne product, but for user friendliness and getting started right away this one can't be beat!

You can edit your photos right there in your listing
You can make your own cool templates!
You can stock inventory
You can do all your emailing, accounting and record keeping right there in one spot!

and let me tell you, their customer service is second to none! You get prompt helpful PERSONAL answers, I just received my answer from the president of the company himself!

I really can't say enough good about it and encourage anyone contemplating a change to give it a try - 60 days free trial! I bet you fall in love!!

ps... no I don't get anything for the plug, I am just so darn happy with this software over and over and over!


Kat Simpson said...

They are a Graat Company - thanks for the reminder, Danni!

mymomsbooks said...

Danni I have heard you rave about them for years!
So glad you are still able to use them with your new OS. List away girl!

CookieBabe said...

Tried them YEARS AGO. Didn't like the learning curve. I found the accounting end clumsy as well as the email. Maybe they're better years later?
Everyone is different.
As for me, AuctionSage is my right hand. Its "all in one" from start to finish and now has WYSIWYG editing, just like ebay has when you list.
When you get frustrated by one, you find another to move on to ...
YMMV - Lauren