Friday, May 7, 2010

Still Missing: Brian Wehrle

Back in October I mentioned that my friend's brother disappeared.
At the time, I was pretty well convinced that he had taken off on his own. Brian has always been known as the moody type and I could just see him deciding that he needed to go chill out on a beach somewhere and if he was in his "Diva Mood", he would have even been amused that people would be worried about him.
It is May now, however, and he is still missing. His car turned up in Chattanooga, Tennessee a few months ago. It was parked in a Cul-de-sac by an African-American and left there.
The sister that I told you about in my other post, has now been to three psychics. The last one got images that he has "crossed over" and is in a field somewhere. There is a reward for information about his disappearance and at some point America's Most Wanted is going to do a story about him, in hopes that some leads will come in.
I love a good mystery, but being on the fringe of a real one -is a bit surreal to me. I still say all the wrong things (I told you I thought the sister was mad at me... she was). My brain just has too much trouble sorting out that we aren't talking about a television show where all the red herrings and clues are going to bring the killer to justice and closure to the family. I feel the need to analyze everything, wondering why there's not more being done and the mystery writer in me wants to speculate about what happened and who could have done such a heinous thing.
Anyway, the people the family is working with have been told that they need to keep getting the word out. New flyers are being made, the segment on America's Most Wanted will be filmed and aired at some point (there is a backlog of stories to be made...who knew?) and there is now a reward being offered for information.
Below is his information - as mentioned the car has been found, but the real life mystery of where he is and what happened to him, for now, at least...remains.
Brian Wehrle - Last seen in Carrollton, GA driving a '92 blue Buick Lesabre on Wednesday night/Thursday morning 9/23-24. Any information goes to the Carrollton PD (770) 834-4451

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