Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Lessons We Learn While Shipping Books

I recently just made the biggest decision of my life... learning that I would be moving to a new state and having to do so alone (husband was already there starting a new job) the decision was to sell everything I owned and start over.
OK so almost everything, a true pack rat/hoarder at heart there were some things I could not bring myself to part with, most of them were books!

I have been a book collector for many years and had literally thousands of them, I really don't think I'm exaggerating, just ask my family! A large part of my collection included reference books. I have spent the last 10 years accumulating books on antiques and collectibles to reference in my online selling, and to part with these was an absolute not gonna happen!

So I decided to ship the books to myself via media mail. Each box could weigh up to 70 pounds. I shipped a total of 10 boxes of books to myself for a total poundage of approximately 650 pounds (never did get that 70 pound limit met).

Here's what I learned:

1. When packaging books together in a box make sure you PACK the box so there is no wiggle room whatsoever. Reason for this is if the books can move, they can damage the box ultimately ripping it open at some point along the way.
2. When taping go all the way around and around the box, I firmly believe this saved at least 3 of the boxes from breaking apart. Do not spare tape!
3. Use delivery confirmation - and if any books have great value get insurance!
4. Have an inventory list of what is in each box - I did not do this - one of the 10 boxes broke open and arrived half full (or half empty if you are a pessimist), I do not know what is missing and probably will never figure it out til the day I go to look for that special book.

All in all I must say this was a cost effective way to get books shipped, total cost was approximately $220 give or take - that is for literally hundreds of books!

I'm still grieving over having to let go of a huge portion of my collection, many I was going to eventually find time to list (clearing throat), but I am happy to have all the boxes here that I kept.

Stay tuned for more on the moving saga and the stuff!

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Beth Cherkowsky said...

Great points, Danni - I agree that getting rid of books is the hardest thing I have to do in our line of work. For heaven's sake I own the copy of Little Women I got 53 years ago as a reward for an awesome report card.

Reference books? I'd die of palpitations if I had to trash one.

Now tell us how you got the van full of stuff moved and WHERE is the dog?