Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

I celebrated a birthday today and a milestone one at that yes 50 and wow so hard to believe. I sit here thinking about that number and am amazed that I am now that old. LOL I truly believe it is only a number and one that no one can change. I am pretty good about not worrying about things I can't change and age falls in that category

I am very lucky to have a wonderful mom who is very comfortable with her age in fact I got married on her 50th birthday and she thought that was a neat thing. She was born on Dec 7th and my husband loved the fact he would always remember both her birthday and our anniversary since he is a history buff. The fact that I was born on June 6th (D-Day) also helps him remember my birthday.

I had a great weekend and enjoyed my birthday and today was my day to write for our group blog. I had another idea to write about but will save that until next time.

I came home to a ton of emails and notes from friends and family and plan on cathing up tomorrow with everyone.

I just wanted to thank our online family for all the very special birthday wishes and how much I appreciate them. I hope you all know how much you all mean to me.


ehringer said...

Wonderful that your birthday was a special day just as the number is special! Glad you enjoyed it, here's to another 50 !! :)

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Sounds like you had a great day!! I'm so glad and so glad I "met" you online (and then in real). HUGS!! I hope this is the BEST year for you ever.

Maria Soto Robbins said...

Sorry I'm late to comment, but just want to tell you that I'm so glad you enjoyed your milestone birthday and that you have such a positive outlook on turning 50!
Happy Belated Birthday!