Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jeanette Cates - 30 Day Blog Challenge -- Who's in?

Okay...I'm being kind of a bad girl today because I had sort of promised myself I would stay off the computer for the next few days (my iPhone doesn't count!) to A) take a break from the Internet world B) Hope my back (which has been bothering me for about three days) would feel better if I wasn't hunched over the keyboard for hours at a time.

Anyway, I'm glad I checked my emails because someone from the OBS group mentioned this great challenge that Jeanette Cates is doing. A 30-day blog challenge!

(The title of my post should also get you there too!)

Now...lately...I have actually been pretty good about blogging. Not every day, but much better than I was doing....but I haven't been consistent. I also am still floundering somewhat about what direction my blog should'm hoping that over the next 30 days - I will find my voice and my way.

So....if you are up for the challenge - sign up at her site and let me know, so I can follow your blog! Until then....back to the heating pad and the couch!

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Beth Cherkowsky said...

I signed up for the challenge and NOW I've got writer's block (can you get that if you're not really a "writer"?)