Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bears just wanna have fun!

Two bears roaming our little town of Hammond, NY., cute and harmless as can be. They love suet cakes and bird seed and that is why they're attracted to me. He stands about 6 feet and runs when you holler. They say mama bear scoots them off when they are about 2 years old...she has started another family, with her cub running through the village in the next town over.

WELL! that's what M said and she lives in Hammond. ME? I think like all the rest of us who "work at home" he just got the mid-afternoon munchies and didn't ahve anything left from last fall. So he went out "grocery shopping" and found M's birdfeeder. Fortunately I live nearer to Phila and we rarely have black or brown bears in the yard. Gosh wouldn't that scare the skunk?

Yes OUR lives are a soap opera, now all we have to do is sell the story to the Soap Opera Channel

5-18-2010  UPDATE !! Poor silly bear - he just wanted some munchies and ended up dead Bear Shot


Beverly said...

The bear can stay there. I'm bad enough with skunks!

mymomsbooks said...

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! Just another day in the life of being an online seller. It's a tough job, somebodys gotta do it.
Send that bear across the boder to Canada, NY really doesn't need any more excitment.

kdmoretti said...

They are so cute but so dangerous also. We see at least 1 every summer when we are in Lincoln NH area . Always too quick to get pictures though :<(
Great pictures M and terrific rhyming Beth :>)