Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Discontinued HOT LIST OUT

Suzanne Wells AKA The eBay Coach, regularly releases her 'Hot List' of drugstore/grocery store items to buy and resell on eBay.

The vast majority of these items are discontinued products that their desperate users will pay 3 and 4 (or more) times the retail price to buy their favorite products.

These 'Hot Items' usually have a short 'shelf-life' by which I mean that once the majority of eBay sellers discover them, the market will flood and they will no longer be profitable. So if this is a product sourcing opportunity that appeals to you - go get it NOW! 

Here's a teaser . . . one of the products is a discontinued candy item that is usually clearanced for $1 a bag or less and recently sold on ebay for $14!!

So check it out and purchase your copy at this post on Suzanne's Blog

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mymomsbooks said...

I love reading Suzanne's ideas. Always fun to see what sells.