Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Night At The Movies for the Family

We're having a group-wide Christmas in July sale in my favorite yahoo group - each of us picked a % we'd offer as a discount and we marked down our store items on eBay.  So today I'l like to show you the VHS movies from my friend Bev...Her store Family Nite Movies has 1145 VHS tapes in 20+ categories.  So if you can't find it there? In all likelihood, it's out of print.

Here's an example - MY husband and son are BIG-TIME horror movie buffs - Look what she has in stock in this genre:

Scared enough?? Got little ones coming to stay with Grandma for the weekend??
Or just don't want the kiddies dealing with the DVD player?? Look what she has to entertain the younguns...

Family Nite also have very generous shipping - and she just got markdown manager so she could participate.  So go buy some movies.


Birdhouse Books said...

Bev's sale sounds great! Looking forward to browsing her store.

mymomsbooks said...

Shop movies now for summertime fun and of course pick up a few for Christmas giving at these prices. Bev has a something here for everyone.

kdmoretti said...

I have never seen this many movies in 1 place since my Local Video Rental Store opened 15 years ago ! Bev has some REAL classics here.. Check out the selection she now has on Sale for the Christmas In July Special.