Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christmas In July Special Seller

Several of my OBS Friends are holding Special Sales for the Month of July Advertising " Christmas In July" and I would like to tell you about one amazing Lady who is part of this group.
Her name is Marion, and her store is This-N-That-Freeland-Enterprises.

Marion`s store is offering a 5% Discount for the remainder of the Month of July.

This-N-That-Freeland-Enterprises is just that.

A Store that offers many different items including Books, Household Items, Beaded Jewelry and even AVON Products..

One of the things that Amazes me most about Marion, is that she runs her ebay business DOUBLE Time..

Here is just one of the Items she has to offer :

Why I say this, is because Marion and her husband Doug ( a Retired Telephone Company Worker ) live mostly in New Jersey BUT they also have a Farm House with many acres of land in Northern PA. and travel back and forth between the houses several times a month.

When they do this, Marion has to bring her Laptop for listing, ( and she has to deal with VERY Slow Dial Up Connection there ) and any Inventory and supplies she will need for shipping while she is "at the Farm".

Then she`s bringing things back to NJ to the Main house and continues to work from there.

She has been running her " Double Time" ebay store like this for several years now, and doing quite well at it

Truly an Amazing Lady to deal with " Bouncing" like this because I don`t think I could handle juggling 2 houses with inventory etc. and keep my Sanity for very long. LOL

Please Visit Marion`s Store and take advantage of the " Christmas In July" Specials she has.

Then add her store to your Favorite List on ebay so you can keep an eye on her Great Listings


nicaluck said...

Enjoyed the overview of the terrific sellers on OBS!

mymomsbooks said...

Marion offers a great variety at resonable prices. You can always count on Marion for good old fashioned customer service.

Birdhouse Books said...

Marion has a wonderful store!!