Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bob's Neat Store Participates in the CHRISTMAS in JULY Sale

Of course he does - Bob's Neat Store  His discount is  10% at this time and you're likedly to find just about anything tucked away in there.   I first met Bob about 5 years ago but lost track of him for a while and then WALA he turned up in the chat room of a podcast I was doing and we're back to being friends. 

Bob has a long and varied history - he's been a lot of things.  The one I find most fascinating is "AUCTIONEER" (did I tell you I'm addicted to auctions?? NO?? Wow...but I am)... so I love the input that Bob can give from his real-world experience.  But sheesh...enough about that, you came to shop! Check out Bob's store..BOB's NEAT STORE

Check that children's set out here  10 Volume Set BOOKSHELF

Bob's sold in a multitude of categories  - last year he helped me with instructions on taking pictures of the coins my husband wanted me to sell and recently he's help folks research a couple of other categories so like I said you never know what you'll find in his emporium... look at this one - (I think the eBay Hound ate the picture on this one and several others but we'll give Bob a HEADSUP and I'm sure he'll fix that asap... but What is it???
Belkin Universal Auto Air??   Bob? can you come to my house and show my husband and son how to use it?? Please if I pay extra??

He also sells music nonfiction books  and STUFF - go see! What are you waiting for?? Bob's standing ready to wrap box and ship your items ASAP and remember...10% off til July 31st at the stroke of midnight..... If, (Unlikely but possible,) BOB doesn't have what you want, need, crave or desire... check out the other sellers below.... we live to serve you...ya know?  

Online Business Success (OBS) is a wonderful eBay sellers group. We are celebrating with a big Christmas in July event. The participating members, below, are having month long sales at our eBay stores. You will find great treasures on vintage and new items of all varieties. I hope you'll drop by and visit this month! The links below are clickable:

Birdhouse Books (15% storewide sale through July; 25% - 50% sales on vintage sewing patterns and music CDs)

KD More Crafts and More (10% sale)

Kats Kloset (5% sale)

Depression Glass Warehouse (10% sale)

This-N-That-Freeland-Enterprises (5% sale)

Treasures from Trish (25% sale)

Book Corner Cafe (15% sale)

FamilyNiteMovies (15% sale)

Udderly Good Stuff (5% sale)

My Moms Books (20% after July 10)

Bob's Neat Store (10%)


Bob said...

Thanks for those kind words!
I do appreciate the Blog post and the history. You didn't mention that we butt heads every once in awhile, but that happens with great minds. But it makes us all stronger!! I do enjoy the sharing on OBS, great group of people.

mymomsbooks said...

Bob is a wealth of knowledge. You will find Bob's descriptions perfectly match his products. Enjoy his Christmas in July Sale!