Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Hot Summer Day

We are in the hot days of summer here that is for sure. I have a landscaping business and so I work outside every day no matter what the weather is. My day starts as any other by doing a few house things and then heading out for some mowing well not a lot just making places look neat. This time of year and this hot weather means lots of brown grass and weeds sticking up that need to be trimmed. I never mind doing this since work really slows this time of year and it keeps me working. There are a few customers that water their lawns and those I love.

I always start my day drinking water and as much as I can before I even leave. The cooler is filled with water and 2 ice teas since I love ice tea but try not to drink to much of it on days like this. I stopped for gas at our local WaWa and love the comments I get such as I can't believe you are working in this heat. Hello I do this for a living and really don't have a choice if I want to make some money. I of course don't say that but I think it. I tend to answer things like yes I have been doing this a long time and really don't mind the heat. Which believe it or not is usually true.

The funny thing is when it is a nice cool spring day about 70 and beautiful out I get lots of comments like oh you are so lucky you work outside. I always have to laugh to myself on those days knowing what is often ahead once summer gets here.

I know this is probably hard to believe but we don't have air conditioning in our house. I know many people think we are nuts but I learned a lot time ago that it is a lot easier to deal with the heat when you don't go back and forth in air conditioning. I use fans and lots of little tricks I have learned over the years. That doesn't mean that we don't own an air conditioner we just haven't put it in the window yet.

I know many people say they couldn't live without air conditioning but you would be amazed. I don't mean older people or people with illnesses that need it I mean young healthy people. The best thing of all is when I see my electric bill for the month and it is only $55.00 I am very happy.

About lunch time I heard on the radio it was official we hit 100 and broke the record of 98. I really am not sure how different 98 feels then 100 or even 90 really. Once you work outside hot is just hot and you learn to deal with it.

So since I spent the day out in this heat I thought I would write about it. I will be getting up tomorrow and doing the same thing and it looks like the end of the week it may start to cool down. The weather man's idea of cooling down is near 90 so we shall see. For many that work outside in any profession we just look at the weather as part of the job and dress and deal with it accordingly.


Sushiboofay said...

I don't think I could ever live without airconditioning. The two days it was out here - well, I was ready to move.
It's not the heat here - its the humidity. The air hangs around you and somedays you almost feel like your drowning. It's that hard to breathe!

Beth Cherkowsky said...

I don't know how you stood it outside this week Deb - I was dying and I wasn't doing anything. I go out in the yard and decide I better sit...and then I fall asleep in the chair.

Course I hate the cold too

Be careful - supposed to be sporadic storms today - some lightning is sure to fly with the heat as it is.