Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why All the Fuss about Facebook?

Recently a lot of the discussion on our group has centered around Facebook and is this just 'one more thing' we busy entreprenuers should add to our already overful plates.  Many have talked about how they 'hate' Facebook and others have chimed in about the dangers of their 'private' information being availalble online.

Others, myself included, have talked about how they enjoy Facebook. I, for one, have gotten back in touch with several friends I've known throughout the many moves our family has made during my husband's military career and I get to touch base with each of my adult children almost daily thanks to this marvelous website.

Now, let's talk business - THIS PAGE shows Facebook's official press released statistics. That is pretty impressive, eh?

Do you start to see the value here?   The link above will take you to the full-size version of this graphic.

Here is another site Check Facebook . Com with some impressive statistics.
More Facebook trivia - did you know that Australia serves legally binding court notices via Facebook? Or that Michael Jackson has the #1 most popular page on Facebook (followed by Homer Simpson at #2 and Facebook itself at #3)? Would you have guessed that women over 55 make up the site's fastest growing American demographic?

Facebook Demographics & User Statistics
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So - NOW do you realize WHY your business NEEDS to be on Facebook?


UdderlyGoodStuff said...

Fantastic info! Now would love you to expand on HOW to effectively use FB for our businesses!

Bob said...

Facebook can be fun, but it can also be a "time drain", so you need to monitor your time, like anything it, it can consume you.


pat said...

Enjoyed the blog! I need to work on what to do with mine to be as effective as possible.

Beth Cherkowsky said...

GREAT Post Kat - and tons of good info. Going forward I think that FB will be critically important for e-tail success. GOOD JOB explaining it.

mymomsbooks said...

Kat you are so good with all your Facebook info. Your blog was very eye opening.