Thursday, July 15, 2010


Online Business Success (OBS) is a wonderful eBay sellers group. We are celebrating with a big Christmas in July event. The participating members, below, are having month long sales at our eBay stores. You will find great treasures on vintage and new items of all varieties. I hope you'll drop by and visit all of them during the month! (Remember these great discounts end on July 31 exactly at the stroke of midnight so don't dawdle... LOL)

I want to tell you specifically about my friend Kathy of KDMORE CRAFTS
KD More Crafts and More (10% sale)

Kathy makes quilted lap throws and custom blankets for cribs and kids' beds.... I have known her for probably 4-5 years online... but then in January of 2008 I was having a knee replacement. And a couple of days before I got this package.... inside was the most adorable lap black and white puppy dog pattern. For my new knee!!

Guess what?? I love that thing. I'm not wheel-chair bound thank heaven.. (I'm not even really old, just have crummy joints.. ) but I still use living room is drafty and so all winter, while I watch my favorite TV shows on the big TV there, I have my blankie... just like a kid!
In fact, these days, I have to fight the husband and my two furburger cats for possession. They love it too. It's perfect for sitting around reading. (I'll put in a picture as soon as the cat wakes up and gets off the blanket. LOL)

I'm ordering two for my great nephews (sssssssssssh don't tell them their birthdays are coming up soon... ) as soon as her shoulder heals.. (she had rotator cuff prayers for her to heal properly would be appreciated... send her well wishes here... )
KD More Crafts and More

Further back in the blog archives, Kathy had posted some info on how she makes these and also on some of the wonderful little girl fabrics she has
... but you need to order ahead cause during the real Christmas selling season she does craft shows and she's always sold out...and sewing like a mad woman... for the time being she's not sewing much because of that shoulder but watch out in a month or so...BTW she also got in her truck (well her hubby Donald and she...and just "dropped in" on me.  I'm in Pa, she's in CT.  NOT a 20 min drive...then, she and Donald decided to take a road trip and dropped in on our friend TrishTreasures from Trish (25% sale) who lives out past the Western Border of Penna... a WAY more than 20 min drive... so definitely if you want something adorable for the new neice or nephew or even a grade school size kid in your life.... see Kathy - email her thru her ebay store

The links below are clickable:

Birdhouse Books (15% storewide sale through July; 25% - 50% sales on vintage sewing patterns and music CDs)

KD More Crafts and More (10% sale)

Kats Kloset (5% sale)

This-N-That-Freeland-Enterprises (5% sale)

Treasures from Trish (25% sale)

Book Corner Cafe (15% sale)

FamilyNiteMovies (15% sale)

Udderly Good Stuff (5% sale)

My Moms Books (20% after July 10)

Have a wonderful day!!


fyrangl said...

AND for those who love to travel Kathy's lap blankets make WONDERFUL travel blankets too. For Car, Truck or even Air travel (now that we have to pay to use one of theirs!)

mymomsbooks said...

Merry Christmas in July. Is your shopping done yet???? Imagine shopping while you lounge by the pool? Imagine a sale and no stress in December! Then stop by the OBS Christmas in July Sale, so many stores to choose from.


Birdhouse Books said...

Love Kathy's store! Very highly recommended seller too, with great customer service!

kdmoretti said...

Beth`s blog and the comments from fyrangl, mymomsbooks (Suz) and Birdhouse Books (Trish) have touched me to the point of being teary eyed which is NOT an easy thing to do. These girls and all my Girls on OBS have been special to me for a few years now and I cannnot Thank them enough for being my friends. Each one of them have stores on ebay and other Venues and please be sure to visit them soon and hopefully often.