Saturday, August 7, 2010

This-n-that-Freeland Enterprises presents MORE END OF SUMMER SALE GOODIES!!

Because so many of our members are participating and this is a much shorter sale, I'm going to profile each one today, briefly and then send you off to explore their eBay store on your own. 

First up today is This-N-That-Freeland-Enterprises.  This store is owned by my friend Marion. She's got quite a few "crafting" items on sale like these craft kits (and also some crafting books )  but she also has some "car parts" listed as well.

Like a lot of us on OBS (a closed yahoo group) Marion has some Little Golden Books listed but Marion is "crafty" and she loves to make these beaded necklaces (among other things) and she has several others listed as well.

You simply can't go wrong shopping with This-n-That so stop in and browse this week while the sale is on - remember the sale ends at Midnight on Tuesday so don't dawdle!


Birdhouse Books said...

Great post and great store! Love the beaded necklace pictured from Marion's store.

nicaluck said...

Terrific store--great seller!!

Beverly said...

Great items to choose from!

mymomsbooks said...

My friend your Little Golden Books too! I would have added you to the Golden books Blog.

ehringer said...

Love the beaded necklace! Beautiful store!