Thursday, August 26, 2010

Labor Day Sale in the "burbs" of the internet

This blog is written by committee - and on that committee are people who've been selling FOREVER as we like to remind each other.  Typically we run sales on eBay, in our eBay stores (we did that in July and early August if you've been paying attention).  But this week we decided to promote the sales of our alternative venues if we have them.  Places like Bonanzle and eCrater and I-Offer and etsy and our own websites. 

Of course some of us don't yet have alternative venues but those folks, many of them are having mark-downs in their eBay store (they don't want to be left out of the fun. )

So beginning on Monday August 28th at exactly the stroke of midnight and continuing until Tuesday September 7th at 11:59 PM we're having a sale... a Labor Day sale.

Our first link goes to Elisia's Shop where the owner Meryl is offering   10 % off of craft and book items during the sale.  I've shopped in her store and she offers beautiful things. 

Next is Marion - She's offering 5% off at any of the following stores
My eBay Store:

My eCrater Store:

My Bonanzle Store:

My Blujay Store:
My Addoway Store:
Marion makes some jewelry and offers some skin care items as well as some fragrances.  Ask her how she caught 5 bass with 2 minnows!
Super Seller #3 is one VERY DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE who is offering 20% off selected items in her eBay store.  She gets some of the best deals on things...check out this item Vintage Southwest Indian Blanket Dress and she's not just a fashionista!  She's also got some discontinued items that are getting pretty darn hard to find like this one..Vintage Party napkins - Aren't they adorable?? I collect cat-themed items so you better go buy them before I have time to.

Of course, you have to stock up on videos for the cold dreary months ahead and Videotowne has a enormous stock of adult movies - and here is their link on our website ( They're offering free shipping on orders of $10 or more.

Then there's Beth - she offering 15% off anything in her Bonanzle Booth aka Antique Daze -

Have you met our Gail? She's the proprietor of this eBay store -  Gail sells some beautiful items, for instance, got a girly-girl heading back to school?? How about these insulated lunch bags?
Personally I need one of these CELLPHONE HOLDERS   (my favorite thriftstore calls me regularly "we found your phone AGAIN". LOL)

And Kat is offering a discount on her bonanzle booth KatsKloset I think she has every conceivable windspinner made as well as some adorable cell phone covers like this Florida Gators one

BookcornerCafe is run by one of my favorite people on the internet.  There is a 15% off sale there too!  Deb is an amazing and very caring seller.  She has a lot of racing memorabilia because she and her husband are both racing fans but she also has a lot of other neat stuff.  She's on Amazon too with lots of books.  

Remember a couple of weeks ago I told you about the custom blanket lady?  Well she's here too - 10% off in her store KDMORE-CRAFTS-AND-MORE
I like her blankets for sending my great nephews off to nursery school with. Since they are "customized" or themed to their favorite (of the moment) TV shows or cartoon characters, there's NO possiblity someone else will claim it  - course if the kid is college age, you can order a bigger version in a themed blanket for their sport or school   Seriously what could help more with homesickness than a blankie from Mom or Grandmom?

Still have Christmas shopping to do?  Check out Bob's Neat Books  for 10% off on most items.  Course  you can always use his make an offer button if it's not already marked, ya know? Bob has lots of unique items and books.

Then there's Grandmom Bev - who's offering a 10% discount in her eBay store Grandma-Bevs-Stuff  Grandma Bev has some beautiful clear glass vases that would look very witchy filled with those little orange pumpkins as well as tons of funny, unique coffee mugs!

And last but never least, the mastermind behind our group sales, BirdhouseinMysoul - Miss BirdhouseBooks herself!! She's offering a 20% off sale and she  has lots of childrens' books particularly Little Golden Books, so if you home school, check there for reading material. Or if you're a grandparent, she has lots and lots of wholesome bed-time stories and gift quality books you can hand the child and not worry about what he's reading (or she).  In addition to which she has lots of other ephemera, including postcards and vintage valentines etc. that make wonderful graphics and decorative items even if you're not a collector.!


Beverly said...

What a great group of sellers! You're bound to find something you'll love.

Bob said...

I am glad to be participating with this great group of folks, not only great products, but great people to know!!! get to know them, you won't regret it!

mymomsbooks said...

Well Bev and Bob are telling the truth. Shop with OBS members for quality merchandise and the Best service on the net. Oh and did I mention the deals???

Birdhouse Books said...

What a great group of trusted sellers! I am delighted to be part of this sales event. Great article, Beth!