Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Acquisatory - Harmony Kingdom End of Summer Sale

I told you Tueday about our End of Summer sale and about most of the eBay sellers participating but here are a couple of more with some links.  OMG here goes my whole budget. LOL

HARMONY KINGDOM -  This account is managed by one of my friends, eBetsy of eBay Radio and eBay Radio Party fame.  But she's a trading assistant for a jewelry seller who has the most gorgeous things and also carries the Harmony Kingdom gifts.
I'm really enchanted by these Pot-Bellied Cats

But then there are these (and wouldn't they make great gifts for the office for Christmas?) from Lord Bryon's Harmony Garden ! (and there are 30+ versions listed so no two gifts will be the same!)

OR there are the RolyPolys... (I love these ... see what I meant about my budget being blown to bits with a cannon in this shop?)  (isn't this poodle just the cutest thing? His name is Beau Brummel)

This is BRANDO - Rolypoly dog
This is Curly - the Rolypoly pig.

OK now I have to go work to earn enough to buy all of these before you get there.   Check back soon, because there are more good items on sale both at The THE AQUISATORY and some of our other sellers.  I'll be back to tell you about them shortly


Beverly said...


fyrangl said...

And OH MY GOSH there are Vampires and Bats for Halloween there too! Sooooo cute. :)

Ask the eBay Queen said...

I love the pig.. SO CUTE!

mymomsbooks said...

What cute collectibles. Perfect for early Christmas Shopping.

Kat Simpson said...

Amazing - great place to start Christmas shopping!

nicaluck said...

Adorable items in this eBay store!