Friday, August 6, 2010


Nicaluck's is offering a 20% discount during our END of SUMMER Sale. They have an amazing range of vintage items, antiquarian books, some china (some delicious Blue Ridge, some glass but this store also used to specialize in Gaither CD's  maybe if we hunt under the table we'll find some left  overs?

Pat who runs the store, has been in a lot of different jobs - she's been a TV show host and an auctioneer, among other things.

She has this lovely breakfast set on sale - which is hand painted and marked with a green crown (recognize that? then please tell us in the comments)

She also has this Cherokee pot in auction -

(no bid so far...quick you might get it for just $19.99)

and then there are books  Look at all of these! Well obviously you can't look at all of them so how about just the Community Cookbooks?

So, please visit and bring a friend, bring your truck..oh no...never mind that truck part, she'll pack them up and ship them right to your door!! 


Beverly said...

Absolutely beautiful!

kdmoretti said...

I Love that Breakfast set but I have NO idea about the Crown Mark.

Good Luck with the Sale Pat.
Great Blog Beth.
I love how you always put a piece of your humor in each post.

Kathy Moretti

Birdhouse Books said...

Nicalucks is one of my favorite eBay stores! What a great seller!

mymomsbooks said...

Pat you always amaze me with all the goodies you find. Love your store!