Sunday, August 15, 2010

On My SoapBox Again - KNOW the Signs of Stroke

In 1994, on Father's Day (June 19th to be exact) at the age of 46, with no previous history of it in his family, my husband had a stroke. Fortunately, we were both home, I recognized that what was happening was not normal.  He put on shorts, but couldn't stand up without assistance. I literally carried him to the van and boosted him in and raced 1 mile up the road to the closet hospital.
And fortunately for him, there, the ER doctor was experienced enough and astute enough to recognize the same symptoms I had seen and gave him the clot-buster drug.

IF either one of us had NOT recognized his symptoms, he would either be a partially crippled 62 year old now or dead.  We had a 13 yr old at that time. I'm still grateful his father survived to help raise him.  Not a job for me alone.

PLEASE read this article and in particular the bottom section with the symptoms of Stroke - If you are lone and don't "feel right", go to the bathroom or the bedroom or a mirror anywhere, look at yourself?

Is one side of your face not working??
can you touch your nose?
What is your name (Say it out loud...if you don't sound right or look right CALL 911) 
do you know the name of the current president? (whether you voted for them or not) - SAY IT OUTLOUD...if you can't or it's garbled or you can't understand yourself...CALL 911.

SM ILE at yourself in the mirror - if you can't? Call 911

If you're still not sure? CALL 911 just to be on the safe side.

later this week I'll tell you about ARCHANGEL PATTI and why she's an archangel in stead of still being my sister-in-law.   Meanwhile, READ THIS

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mymomsbooks said...

Gives me the chills just reading this. You did good Beth.