Friday, March 19, 2010

THIS is the soap opera we call life

So eBay on location is happening in Atlanta today and on MOTHER'sDAY weekend in Dallas and June is Chicago? and September is San Jose. Do you notice something there?

Yeah- The Northeast/Midatlantic area is barren... the barren.. no eBay on Location in either area. Why is that??

I know Griff's answer - costs too much. To which I say - IF you can afford the Omni in Atlanta.... and a city Center Hotel in Chicago - WHY not look for less expensive venues for all of these and COME to where the population is?

My area, the Northeast, comprises 1/4 of the continental territory but eBay ain't coming here. Instead, they are going AGAIN to Chicago and Dallas. Dallas has had several eBay Meetups - the eBaybes people make sure of that. Chicago had eBay live and a dinner with John Donohoe, the CEO of eBay and mastermind of all the worst ideas I've ever seen on eBay. And Penna?? once long 2000 we had one crummy session of eBay University. NJ? I'm not sure they even got that.

I'm sure eBay thinks all us northerners look the same and think the same so why bother. And I'm sure they think we'll travel to Atlanta or Dallas or Chicago or San Jose... well ?? are you? I'm not. Time the mountain came closer to me. Oh's ebay we're talking chance they'd figure this out by themselves. So here it is... I ain't going. Have something within a 24 hr drive of me and maybe.... fly anywhere? not at this time.

To my friends who went? I'm hoping you have a terrible time. Leave earlier ...come home... we miss you and eBay won't even know you're there.

The Mid-Atlantic states have more of the population of the country and yet, we're being ignored for Georgia

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