Sunday, March 28, 2010

Know Your Numbers from Uncle Griff

Griff's Presentation at eBay On Location in Atlanta was titled Know Your Numbers and was the best attended session as reported by several folks. I found it very interesting and thought he made some great points. I promised to upload a scan of the handout from the session so that is the first image here

Griff began his talk with what seemed to be a theme of the convention, "you ARE in business"

Once he brought the group to the agreement that even part-time eBay income was important to the seller, he then introduced a much quote line  . 

 I wish this one were easier to read but Griff was saying that if your auctions typically end with one bid - you need to consider Fixed Price for your items. Items with 2 or more bids - makes an auction the appropriate choice.

I hope others who attended will comment here and add to the discussion!


BookCornerCafe said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with those of us that weren't there.

mymomsbooks said...

This was a great well explained presentation, almost like I was there. Thank you so much for posting. I have heard you Ebay on Location people mention and wondered, now I'm not in the dark. Now to check and rethink my numbers,

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Oh Kat - that's excellent - I appreciate you posting it. Yep as usual Griff has nailed some things we should be watching.. and now it will be here to "nag" me. Good job!