Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Here, Store's in Core

Yesterday was the BIG day at Ebay. Spring Fee changes go into effect. We all have known since January 26. Of course we’ve been very busy figuring how these changes in fees will impact our bottom line. Ebay has provided a fee calculator to help in our decision on how we want to sell on Ebay.

Stores as we have known them to function in the past are gone. Store merchandise is now going to be part of Ebay’s core site. A huge change for sellers who rarely had their store merchandise show up in customer’s searches.

Will this raise a new problem for sellers as the whole Ebay site is flooded with merchandise? I saw little changes to my inventory yesterday even though it is visible for all to shop.

Today I did sell a book internationally that I’ve had in my store for some time. Possibly this is a good sign of what is to come? I am being very optimistic as I REALLY want this new Ebay model to work. I know all my seller friends at "These Are The DSRs Of Our Lives" feel this way too.

So how is everyone else doing with this change? We’d love to hear your thoughts…..

I’ll chat with you again next month, in the mean time List More Sell More (LMSM) Sound familiar?


BookCornerCafe said...

Great Post and I think we all are wondering how this all play out and like you I am hoping it is all for the best. Time will tell.

CookieBabe said...

I know I've had 3, if not 4, sales due to these being in core. Time to bring out DEAD STOCK and resurrect it. Lauren