Friday, March 12, 2010

How do you find Happiness?

We are a varied group here of online entrepreneurs that include both full time and part time businesses. We have become like family and share our daily DSR's of both life and business and help each other any way we can. We all have both good and bad days due to health, business and just life in general like most of the population on any given day.

I keep hearing on the news things are getting better but the more people I talk to the more I think they must be making this up. It is not easy being happy when we have worries about life and business issues on a daily basis.

What makes you happy is a question only each of us can answer but many things can bring a smile to our faces. That sharing of a smile is often the beginning of feeling happier if only for a moment.

As we share our daily DSR's here there is often things to smile about even if it will not help with all the big problems in life. We share a successful auction that brings good money, we share some jokes or sayings to bring a smile to our faces and yes we share the rough times too.

We each need to find our own happiness but having a wonderful, caring family to share both the good and the bad with gives us all a little bit of happiness in our day.

How do you find happiness in your day?

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