Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FBA - Fulfillment by Amazon - get those books out of your house!

Ok, you have probable hear about it, FBA, so what is it?
Fulfillment by Amazon.

What is Basic Fulfillment?

Basic Fulfillment is Amazon's service to enable merchants to fulfill orders from sales channels other than using the inventory that they have stored in the Amazon fulfillment center.

With Basic Fulfillment, merchants can submit order fulfillment requests to using either a simple Web form, a flat file upload (for bulk requests) or use a direct website-to-website XML integration.

When the seller submits a fulfillment request for Basic Fulfillment, they include the buyer's address, shipping instructions (including the method/ship speed for Amazon to use) and can even include a customized note to the buyer on the pack slip.

When using Basic Fulfillment, Amazon will pass the cost of shipping through to the seller. Prices for Basic Fulfillment vary depending on the item and the ship method used for fulfillment. (Quick Reference: Pricing)


So, is is right for you?

Maybe, maybe not... It is not for everyone.

Basically you list your items on AZ as usual, convert them to FBA, create a product label, box them up, ship them to the warehouse, then let them sell, and then let Amazon ship the item(s) for you.

There are, of course, extra fees involved, so you don't just want to sell low-priced items. But the storage fees is minimal, as well as the shipping fees. Many people compensate for the fact that your item can ship via PRIME or FREE Super-Saver Shipping, so you can add up to $3.99 to your item price and still be competitive.

I also host a YahooGroup specifically for FBA: BookSellersFBA
All are welcome.

It frees up room in your house, as you get rid of those books, media and other items, and send them to the warehouse. It also takes the rush of shipping out of your hands. Some people worry about having to have inventory sent back to them, or destroyed, if the items do not sell. And that does happen, but as long as you are sending items that should sell, there is little worry.

Some people have things fly off the shelves when using FBA, some get mediocre results, as always, your results may vary.... (YMMV)

There is no cost to get started, so little risk.

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mymomsbooks said...

Well explained Bob! I have slowly been sending books to FBA and like the thought of someone else storing & packing. It's time I send some more. I recommend highly to join Bob's yahoo goup for great tips from friendly helpful FBA experts.

BookCornerCafe said...

Great Post Bob and I like the way you have explained how this works. You have a very informative group for people who are using this.