Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is Blujay?

I asked my friend who sells on Blujay, how it works, does stuff sell etc. and here is her "quick and dirty" Guide to . She sells on multiple sites - "My biggest fear is that one of these site will close down or I will mysteriously disappear again. I manually list all of my items on blujay and ecrater, some also manually listed on amazon and buysellcommunity."

Blujay, at one time brought in tons of sales - way more than Ioffer. Then it dropped off.  But in the last couple of months, they've tweaked a few things: there are no more expiration dates (just like ecrater), items are showing up at the top of Google search, etc.

The site is very user-friendly. There is NO FEEDBACK, so you need to put a blurb in there about where the buyer can read about you for buyer confidence.  There are no fees EVER, just like ecrater. Inquiries and sales have picked up a tad since the revamp.

Your store items are picked up on the www, free!

Between the two (Ecrater and blujay), I've prospered much more than on Ecrater. Not sure why. The site is cleaner, there is feedback, not sure. It does have higher ranking on PSU, therefore is attracting more buyers and sellers.

If you need another site to play with, maybe for certain items, give blujay a try. I feel very comfortable knowing that I have identical stores should one fall through. Another tip is when listing, make the titles a bit different. Two of the same on Google search will make one drop out of site.

And so, if you're looking for another home? Check out http://

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mymomsbooks said...

Intersting read. I signed up for Bluejay about a year ago. Never did anything after that. I'm so spoiled with importers or listing thru AOB. Ya never know tho? ecomerce sites are always changing the way we do sell.