Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy New Year Still?

Yes it still is! We all in ecommerce have so much to be grateful for. We are still here with the world at our finger tips. Ten to Fifteen years ago none of us would have had that opportunity. So should we complain when sales are slow? When Ebay rolls out changes? Selling Venues raise fees?

I was at the gym this week my favorite “my time” for an hour. It’s very spiritual to me. I zone out and reflect on life and leave refreshed. I was on the treadmill doing my 15 minute walk and reading. (yes I multi task at the gym, can’t stop that!) I’m reading “Come Spring” by Ben Ames Williams (1944) an old tattered book that someone was going to throw out. It looked interesting but far from sellable condition. I thought I’d give it one more life, all taped together. Gym folks must think I’m crazy carry this tattered taped mess around. It’s about a family from Boston who moved to way up Penobscot Bay to settle in the wilderness of Maine. (love Maine & history so had to read) The county was in its youth late 1700’s. Obstacles everywhere, Indians, Animals oh my!

My point is they were so thankful for their hard work, the satisfaction they had as they achieved their goals. It does restore your soul. Are we thankful for what we have now? You too can build and change in this New Year. Look back to where you’ve come in your online selling venture from ten years ago. In just last year how much you have learned. In one year social media has taken over a new frontier in our lives.

Last week I joined Janelle Elms OSI Rock Stars to become better at what I do and have the luxury of a mentor who tells the truth and finds the right answers to assist us. It will take me years to learn all the information she shares.

Follow me Backstage to Success at OSI Rock Stars

If you’re upset with Ebay’s new Spring 2010 changes embrace them to make them work for you. Read and learn from all the information right before us on the web. John Colderice Lawson has a great comparison article with screen shots, for those who seeing is better than reading.

You can make an educated decision fit for you or you can learn from a mistaken decision and alter it. You are in control of your destiny! Aren’t we thankful!!

Oh and by the way I am accomplishing listing more of my inventory to get it moving out. It’s like Christmas every time I open a new bin of goodies to list.

See ya all back here for the saga of “DRS of Our Lives”.

Suzanne / mymomsbooks


Maria Soto Robbins said...

You are so right! We are so fortunate to have these opportunities, thanks to the internet! I agree that it's up to us to make the most of what we have and to do something about it by increasing our own knowledge and skills to take advantage of what is out there! Best of luck with OSI!

mymomsbooks said...

Thanks Maria! Keep Painting, love your work, Suz

Kat Simpson said...

Absolutely RIGHT ON! miss Suzanne and thanks for the reminder :)

mymomsbooks said...

Thanks Kat! I know your blessed with your "new year" it's all yours.