Monday, February 1, 2010

Bonanzle is the Place To Be

Are you an Ebay seller that is deciding what you are doing with your Ebay store ? Are you a smaller seller that doesn't want to pay the fees? Are you a business looking for alternatives to Ebay then Bonanzle  is the place to be.

Bonanzle is a great site with easy listings, numerous payment options, discussions boards and overall a great selling and buying experience. They are adding new user friendly features all the time and the sense of community is amazing. You will find discussion boards to help and promote each other and there is very little negative posts unlike other places.

The owners are amazingly quick to deal with any issues and answer email very fast when an issue arises.

One of the best things is how quick and easy it is to list on Bonanzle. They have a one page form for title, category, pictures and in only a few minutes you can have a listing up and ready for sale and they send your items to Google regularly. You can find more information on how to list on this blog.

There are also 3 ways to become a member one is free and two paid memberships with advantages listed on the site.

I think every online seller will need to take a hard look at their numbers, their sales, their fees and what and where is the best place to sell their items. There really is no right answer for this but it is very important you look at your business and your numbers and sell on the places that are right for you.

If you don't already sell on Bonanzle check it out you will be very happy you did.


Marshell said...

Very informative blog post. Great info on Bonanzle. I love Bonanzle; it's so easy to navigate & understand. I think it will be getting bigger since eBay's announcement. I would love to see more folks taking advantage of what Bonanzle has to offer...and that's a lot!

mymomsbooks said...

I love using Bonanzle. Crossing fingers it becomes the new Ebay!